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Product Details Price: 5 credits

Presenting Partner: The Leadership and Training Studio

Program Description: When discussing tough topics like cultural barriers, one of two things often happens. Either we avoid all discussion on diversity and inclusions, or we make mistakes because of our blind spots. In this course, we talk about personal identities as well as construct awareness around our differences in order to become more proficient in the area of cultural competence. We will explore being mindful as well as identify the best tips for valuable conversations. We also practice inclusion conversations as a team.




Goals: By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect on cultural experiences, both positive and negative
  • Discuss potential experiences and conversations on campuses
  • Create a personal identity wheel
  • Explain the dichotomies on each wheel (i.e. visible or invisible, inborn or chosen, permanent or changeable, socially valued or socially marginalized)
  • Review the spectrum of sexual orientation
  • Identify ways to have mindful cultural competence
  • Practice inclusion conversations
  • Identify tips on working with students

1.5 to 2 hours

Intended Audience: Chapter leaders, members and new members

Partner Bio:  The mission of the Leadership and Training Studio (LTS) is to support the growth of individuals and teams by giving them time to think, reflect and gain new super-cognitive knowledge. The LTS was founded by Erin Fischer, a graduate of Indiana University, who considers herself a leadership nerd and a woman on a mission to help teams and individuals excel at what they do. “I love the idea of challenging people and being challenged myself and I LIVE for the ‘aha’ moment – both yours and mine.”

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