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Useful and True Ceremonies and Ritualism, An Introduction

Presenting Partner: Growth Guiders

Program Description: Ritual comes in many shapes and will be created and practiced by humans for all of time – as it helps us find meaning and create meaningful connection within our lives. Big or small, private or public, religious or secular – ritual spans from the simplest “Hello” to the highest of sacred practice. Ritual is a critical part of our ever-evolving lives. The symbolic art of initiation – for example, those rituals that provide a clear transition from new member to brother or that mark the change of responsibility and expectations – is seemingly being lost in our conglomerate of worldly traditions. Many of us have not been mentored into the art of creating or leading soulful (big or small) ritual within our communities – this is often something that we leave for gurus, specialist, elders, or just someone other than ourselves. This introduction workshop is meant to help you awaken the ritual focused leader in each man, to ignite a healthy and authentic inner-Ritualist. Attendees will see just how easy it is to bring meaningful rituals into the chapter and community as well as smaller every-day personal practices. We all, as humans, have both the need and capacity for powerful ritual.


  • Increase the ability to recognize and appreciate the value of rituals.
  • Foster a deeper understanding of the original and evolving purposes of rituals in our organizations.
  • Improve practical skills related to effective and positive engagement of rituals and ceremonies within chapters and the entire community

Time: 2.5 hours

Intended Audience: IFC Leadership, Chapter Leadership Teams, Fraternity Educators & Ritualists, Chapter Advisors

Partner Bio: Growth Guiders believes in delivering inspirational programs ranging from small group facilitation to large group keynotes to academic presentations at professional conferences. Growth Guiders takes extra steps to ensure that our learning experiences not only engage students, but lead them on a path to discovery and extend learning into action.

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