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Product Details Price: 7.5 credits

Thrive: Preparing New Members for Success

Presenting Partner: RISE Partnerships

Program Description: The first few months of a new member’s experience sets the tone for the rest of their lives. If fraternal organizations hope to keep members engaged, retained, satisfied, and prepared to meet expectations, they have to get this process right. Through a series of interactive lessons, Thrive helps leadership teams critique and improve their organization’s new member experience. Along the way, they address underlying challenges in the organization’s culture and learn how to sustain changes for the long-term. This program provides a safe place to restructure questionable activities and gain expert feedback without fear of judgement or consequence.


As a result of participating, each organization’s leadership team:

  • Is better able to articulate the purpose of their new member process.
  • Adopts healthier mental models to guide their new member process.
  • Can explain the science behind how learning and relationship building truly work.
    Makes small changes to make existing activities more meaningful, effective, and safe.
  • Gains the knowledge, skills, and techniques to implement changes in their organization.

As a result of these outcomes, the organization’s new members will:

  • Form stronger connections.
  • Learn more about the organization.
  • Are better prepared to be involved as leaders.

Time: 3 hours

Intended Audience: Groups of 3-5 leaders from each organization, including new member education teams and presidents, up to 100 participants.

Partner Bio: RISE helps fraternity/sorority leaders do their best work. We provide training, consulting, and curriculum to help students, volunteers, and professionals build their capacity and unravel the most complex problems. Our partners gain the expertise of our staff members, who combine research, evidence, and best practice from a variety of fields to find new and better ways to advance fraternity and sorority communities.

More information: Download a one-pager about this program.

Booking Information: Contact; (888) 646-RISE