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Product Details Price: 5 credits

Sacred Experiences: The Design and Ceremonies of Rights of Passage

Presenting Partner: Growth Guiders

Program Description: This workshop guides attendees on the journey of transforming a space into a sacred place. We can all intentionally create areas to reflect, recharge, celebrate, or to promote any soulful growth a chapter can imagine. Sacred space can be created in any environment, individually or in a collaborative group. In this hands-on workshop, attendees collaborate together on a design for a Rite of Passage. They begin by preparing the area and one another through a process that can carry on throughout all rituals and ceremonies that chapters practice. The process of design will encourage everyone to engage in collaborative group work and observing the space being designed by each other.


  • Identify how to work through a design process for rituals and ceremonies.
  • Apply organizational & community values along with Fraternity ethics throughout the design process.
  • Present the opportunity for attendees to create a personalized ceremony for working on Rights of Passage at home in their own chapters.

Time: 2.5 hours

Intended Audience: IFC Leadership, Chapter Leadership Teams, Fraternity Educators & Ritualists, Chapter Advisors

Partner Bio: Growth Guiders believes in delivering inspirational programs ranging from small group facilitation to large group keynotes to academic presentations at professional conferences. Growth Guiders takes extra steps to ensure that our learning experiences not only engage students, but lead them on a path to discovery and extend learning into action.

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