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Redefining Brotherhood: New Member Education Edition

Presenter: Dr. Gentry McCreary

Presenting Partner: Dyad Strategies

Program Description: Hazing persists in the college fraternity because young men seek meaningful rites of passage in joining our communities. The easiest way for chapters to create this meaningful experience is to put new members through a difficult and often dangerous pledge program wrought with physical, verbal and emotional abuse. This program will provide chapter leaders with an alternative framework for new member education, focusing on the creation of deep emotional bonds, belonging, emotional commitment and brotherhood.

Goals: Participants will be able to:

  • Articulate both the positive and negative aspects of each of the four schema of brotherhood.
  • Place increased emphasis on the creation of belonging in new member education and decreased emphasis on the creation of solidarity in new member education.
  • Implement education programs designed to elicit vulnerability through deep emotional conversations among and between new members.
  • Implement education programs designed to promote informal accountability and healthy confrontation among and between new members.
  • Redesign their entire membership education processes using a framework designed to provide a meaningful rite of passage while promoting organizational values, accountability to those values, belonging, and emotional commitment.

Time: 4 hours

Intended Audience: Chapter executive boards, specifically including new member educators and their assistants/committees.

Partner Bio: Dyad Strategies is a consulting firm that partners with campuses and headquarters to measure and improve the impact of their work and deliver high-impact, research-based curriculum designed to shift paradigms related to the fraternity experience. Partners Gentry McCreary, Ph.D. and Joshua Schutts, Ph.D. have spent collectively over 25 years working with fraternity communities, and their award-winning research examines the roots of fraternal brotherhood, the psychology of hazing, and organizational commitment.

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