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Men Coming of Age in Fraternity

Presenting Partner: Growth Guiders

Program Description: Joining a fraternity is often a charged and confusing life stage, not only for the new members themselves, but also for those who live and work with them. A common assumption today holds that it is inevitably a time of anti-social behaviors, like rebellion, withdrawal, excess, and apathy. Not true! In fact, being a new member is a critical in-between time in which we can begin asking the deeply personal questions of identity and purpose that will make us true adults: creative, generative, ready to shepherd coming generations into a vibrant fraternity experience. It is an essential life stage, full of possibility for individual lives as well as the future of our planet. To enable a successful navigation of personal growth, young people need adults who understand the unique features of this life stage. They need mentors who know how to mark transitions in ways meaningful and relevant in the lives of young people. Most of all, they need adults who have been initiated themselves.


  • Identify the stakeholders involved in the New Member’s introduction to the chapter.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of our own transitions into adulthood and gain practical skills for the initiation and mentorship of new members.
  • Improve practical skills related to effective and positive engagement and support of New Members that meet the needs of the chapter and the individuals.

Time: 2.5 hours

Intended Audience: IFC Leadership, Chapter Leadership Teams, Fraternity Educators, Full Chapter Membership

Partner Bio: Growth Guiders believes in delivering inspirational programs ranging from small group facilitation to large group keynotes to academic presentations at professional conferences. Growth Guiders takes extra steps to ensure that our learning experiences not only engage students, but lead them on a path to discovery and extend learning into action.

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