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Product Details Price: 7.5 credits

Male Rites of Passage: The Origin and Modern Day Complexities

Presenter: Michael Ayalon

Presenting Partner: Greek University

Program Description: We will review the early history of male rites of passage in society, and then show modern day incidents that have been highlighted in the media. We will determine what contributes to the modern day equivalents of rites of passage such as Bandura’s Theory on moral disengagement and Cimino’s sociological factors. Finally, we’ll give students ways to eliminate hazing by offering a large number of replacement activities that truly promote team building for chapter unity.


  • Analyze the origin of male rites of passage.
  • Illustrate the progression of the male rites of passage to current day.
  • Produce substitute activities in your chapter that actually bring the desired results of brotherhood and interaction among all of your members.

Time: 90 minutes

Intended Audience: Fraternitycommunity

Partner Bio: As a successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Mike has headlined over 300 presentations across 100 college campuses. Mike’s strong technological background combined with his varied professional experience in building companies from startup to over $25 Million in annual sales gives him a profound understanding of the ways the complex issues of today penetrate all levels of educational structures. Mike is a TIPS-certified trainer and the former Executive Director of Sigma Pi Fraternity.

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