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Got Your 9? This Isn’t Just On Us, Men—It Is Us

Presenter: Dave Westol

Presenting Partner: Limberlost Consulting

Program Description: The game has changed. Fraternity men can be leaders against sexist and misogynistic behavior and sexual violence in all forms, or we can status quo our way into the 2020s as we maintain our negative reputation as enablers and primary violators of Title IX. One glance at our creeds, mission statements and public rituals confirms what we claim to be, and in this session we will apply practical and tactical to those principles and concepts. We’ll review Title IX, the implications for men’s fraternities and what we can do at all levels to become the go-to organizations for change and improvement.

Time: 90 minutes

Intended Audience: A majority of members from each men’s fraternity including the social chairman, the risk manager and the president

Presenter Bio: David Westol is an alumnus of Michigan State University and The Detroit College of Law. He served as Advisor to the IFC at Michigan State; as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for nine years and as CEO of his national fraternity for 18 years. Dave has been recognized by 14 men’s and women’s national organizations and the NIC for his interfraternal service. He has spoken on over 475 campuses and frequently consults with chapters and councils during visits.

More information: Download a one-pager about this program.

Booking Information: Contact Dave Westol at or 317-250-3799.