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Frat v. Fraternity: Who Wins the Cage Match?

Presenter: Dave Westol

Presenting Partner: Limberlost Consulting

Program Description: Are you tired of hearing about fundraising when a hazing death occurs? “It’s the media” when chapters ring up multiple charges and issues? And “Never admit, always deny”? When you’re ready for change, let’s talk. First, we’ll determine where we are. That’s the easy part. The tough part: Determining where you, as our fraternity men, want to go. Most people look at what we do and who we are rather than listening to what we as fraternity men say we are. In this session we will confront your reality, deconstruct the frat mentality and build the fraternity identity for your campus. Leave the rationalizations and excuses at the door, please. This session is for leaders and those who intend to lead your chapters and community.


  • To discuss and confront the reality of the image of fraternities on the campus.
  • To connect social norms with the frat image and contrast that with reality—what people really think and do.
  • To define ourselves, our chapters and our community by our actions in all ways—not just fundraising or service hours.
  • To set specific and measurable goals for our community to achieve.

Time: Two options:

  • A Friday night/Saturday morning/afternoon schedule with Friday night devoted to evaluation and assessment of the status quo and Saturday devoted to development of goals and the changes needed to support those goals.
  • A two-hour schedule with a break.

Intended Audience: Ten most-respected members, including two new members or new initiates, from each chapter. The intention is to focus upon those whose voices are usually heard in their chapters and to work from small groups rather than attempting to convert a large percentage of members.

Presenter Bio: David Westol is an alumnus of Michigan State University and The Detroit College of Law. He served as Advisor to the IFC at Michigan State; as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for nine years and as CEO of his national fraternity for 18 years. Dave has been recognized by 14 men’s and women’s national organizations and the NIC for his interfraternal service. He has spoken on over 475 campuses and frequently consults with chapters and councils during visits.

More information: Download a one-pager about this program.

Booking Information: Contact Dave Westol at or 317-250-3799.