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Product Details Price: 7.5 credits

Every Voice Matters: Bystander Intervention for College Students

Presenting Partner: Plaid

Program Description: This interactive, student-focused, two-hour workshop focuses on understanding bystander intervention by maximizing individual voice and organizational strengths (and minimizing associated challenges) to counter problems that can affect organizations.  By understanding the role of “self” and the role each individual plays to achieve organizational success, it becomes clear why every voice in an organization matters and why every voice should be heard. This program utilizes personal and organizational assessment to understand “self” as part of a larger organization. By exploring possible organizational dysfunctions which may inhibit bystander intervention, participants can learn how to overcome individual and organizational challenges.

Time: 90 minutes

Partner Bio: Plaid is a professional, evidence-based consulting company specializing in all aspects of personal and organizational development. We assist individuals with their self-awareness in their commitment to personal growth and development, while helping organizations stay true to their purpose and achieve the highest possible performance.

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