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The Effect of Social Norming on College Campuses

Presenter: Dr. T. Leon Williams

Presenting Partner: The Catalyst Agency

Program Description: One of the unique perspectives on every college campus is the bystander. The bystander gets a front row seat to good and bad times, fun and danger, risk taking and poor decision making, close calls and regrets. The bystander spends meaningful hours observing social behaviors that trigger unusual or habitual behaviors. By the end of the night, the bystander has developed a biased perception of responsible social living. The bystander plays a very important role in the acceptance and rejection of social norms on college campuses. This program will help students accurately and respectfully regard their peers as responsible community members.

Goals: Student will be able to:

  1. Gain an understanding of social norms
  2. Understand how bias influence decision-making
  3. Develop intervention strategies to correct misperceptions
  4. Identify healthier norms

Time: 75-90 minutes

Intended Audience: Fraternity men and chapters

Presenter Bio: Dr. T. Leon Williams has worked at various colleges and universities in multicultural affairs and athletics, and he has a special passion for diversity education. His topics are serious but his professional experience has allowed him to reach students using humor, personal stories, monologues and music. He invites students to examine their thoughts, perceptions and worldview. He is a frequent presenter for orientation, fraternity and sorority new member training, residence life training, affinity group empowerment, and community development.

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