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Product Details Price: 15 credits

Customized Sexual Misconduct Prevention Package

Presenter: Aaron Boe

Presenting Partner: Prevention Culture

Program Description: An alternative approach to prevention education that gets beyond common campus approaches and has been proven to engage fraternity men. This package allows for two customized on-site training days throughout the year, allowing you to reach new members each semester with expert education, for example, or two back-to-back customized days of training and consulting. Each training day can include customized training for IFC leaders, chapter officers, or emerging leaders, in addition to other options.


  • To help IFC leaders, chapter officers, and influential members to understand sexual misconduct at a level that gets beyond campus educational efforts and equips them to make decisions and have conversations based on a stronger knowledge of the issue.
  • Program outcomes will include greater buy-in from fraternity men on addressing serious social issues of interpersonal harm, greater inter-fraternal cooperation on preventing harm, and widespread support for the program from both men’s and women’s organizations.
  • Learning outcomes from educational efforts will include greater clarification on the issue of alcohol and sexual misconduct, greater recognition of the seriousness of less-extreme types of sexual misconduct, increased confidence in helping behaviors, and increased understanding of unhealthy and abusive relationship behaviors.

Time: 2 on-site live days with small or large groups: Options include full-day retreat workshop, half-day/evening retreat, 2-3 speaking programs, as well as additional consultative meetings if desired while on campus. Consultation and coaching via phone before and in-between training days as needed for customizing training days and for answering questions related to sexual misconduct prevention education.

Intended Audience: Customized for any audience within the campus community, but recommended to at least include IFC, chapter leaders, and new members.

Presenter Bio: Prevention Culture’s founder, Aaron Boe, is a nationally recognized consultant, trainer, and speaker on preventing sexual misconduct and abuse in relationships. He combines subject matter expertise, insights from the social sciences, and perspectives from his own experience as a fraternity man to creatively design programs that fraternity men appreciate.

More information: Download a one-pager about this program.

Booking Information: Contact Aaron Boe at or 317-514-1505.