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Creating Resilient Organizations: Team building for Fraternity Men

Presenting Partner: Growth Guiders

Program Description: This workshop is designed to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of leadership and team development through a combination of information sessions and active participation in cooperative, challenge activities. Introductory activities help students to get to know each other and begin to work together to solve problems and think “out of the box.” Topics to be presented and discussed include the communication process, leadership models and styles, stages of team development, ethics, diversity, and visionary or principle-centered and creative leadership. The course will culminate in the development of personal mission statements and their presentation, along with short group presentations of key learnings.


  • To increase knowledge, understanding, and skills related to leadership involved in team building.
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of team development.
  • To become a more effective team member in working with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, philosophies, approaches, strengths, and limitations.

Time: 2.5 hours

Intended Audience: IFC Leadership, Chapter Leadership Teams, Fraternity Educators, Full Chapter Membership

Partner Bio: Growth Guiders believes in delivering inspirational programs ranging from small group facilitation to large group keynotes to academic presentations at professional conferences. Growth Guiders takes extra steps to ensure that our learning experiences not only engage students, but lead them on a path to discovery and extend learning into action.

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