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Conversations that Matter

Presenter: Jessica Pettit

Presenting Partner: Good Enough Now

Program Description: Let’s face it, there are people and topics that at some point are just off limits.  You just can’t do it or them right now.  Even worse, often it is a difficult topic that you have to bring up with a difficult person.  What if you could engage in these conversations with more confidence, humor, and ease?  No matter the person or topic, you are your best tool for conversations that matter.  Understanding your self and others as differently right gives you the tools to intentionally design teams, groups, and partnerships that can bring value to a single project or topic.  We are all frustrating to someone, and at times even to ourselves.  Once you know who and how you are, you can reclaim responsibility for these behavior response patterns and leave room for others to do the same.  Before you know it, you are having better conversations and fuller relationships with those around you.  I promise – it is that easy.


  • Learn a 3 part framework or model for taking responsibility of how they show up.
  • Develop skills for a significant and powerful (and free) method to change culture around difficult topics and see other’s as differently right.
  • Utilize personal patterns to recognize them in others so we can leave room for edits in our stories.
  • Personally recognize our “kryptonite” and how habitually it limits our behaviors, responses, and beliefs as well as fuels us to build momentum when we need it the most.

Time: 1 to 3 hours

Intended Audience: Chapter members, leadership, volunteers, staff, national office staff, board of directors, council members, campus stake holders, community members, alumni.

Presenter Bio: Jessica Pettitt, M.Ed., pulls together her stand up comedy years with 15+ years of diversity trainings in a wide range of organizations to serve groups to move from abstract fears to actionable habits that lead to teams that want to work together. With a sense of belonging and understanding, colleagues take more risks with their ideation, converse precious resources through collaboration, and maintain real connections with clients over time.

More information: Download a one-pager about this program.

Booking Information: Contact Jessica Pettitt at (917) 543-0966 or