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Complex Problems & Simple Solutions

Presenter: Steve Whitby

Presenting Partner: The Catalyst Agency

Program Description: In this training, participants will engage in a community conversation around problems in the areas they wish to focus on. They will achieve a better understanding around the framework of stages of change, harm reduction and brain development. Information can also be tailored to include university policy and how the information compares and contrasts. Ultimately, participants will learn how to create safe events in compliance with the policy through event planning and prevention resources.

Time: 75-90 minutes

Intended Audience: Fraternity and sorority leaders (groups under 100).

Presenter Bio: Steve Whitby is a storyteller who puts his twenty years of on-the-ground leadership development work into action by challenging people to make real changes by better understanding their own role in the story. As one of the authors of the most widely used risk management prevention curriculum used by fraternities, sororities, and college campuses, Steve has put his passion for creating change into action. He is an intentional speaker, conveying critical lessons about leadership and human potential through stories of normal people facing extraordinary opportunities.

More information: Download a one-pager about this program.

Booking Information: Contact The Catalyst Agency at or 704-359-7941.