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Fraternities that Belong to the NIC

The NIC is a trade association that represents 66 international and national men's fraternities. These organizations have 6,100 chapters located on 800 campuses, with 380,000 undergraduate members and 4.2 million alumni. Fraternities that Belong to the NIC The NIC represents a diverse range of inter/national men’s fraternities, including historically black, multicultural and emerging organizations: FraternityGreek LettersFounding Date Acacia May 12, 1904 Alpha Chi Rho Α Χ ΡJune 4, 1895 Alpha Delta Gamma Α Δ ΓOctober 10, 1924 Alpha Delta Phi Α Δ ΦOctober 29, 1832 Alpha Epsilon Pi Α Ε ΠNovember 7, 1913 Alpha Gamma Rho Α Γ ΡOctober 10, 1904 Alpha Kappa Lambda Α Κ ΛApril 22, 1914 Alpha Phi Alpha Α Φ ΑDecember 4, 1906 Alpha Sigma Phi Α Σ ΦDecember 6, 1845 Alpha Tau Omega Α Τ ΩSeptember 11, 1865 Beta Chi Theta Β Χ ΘJune 2, 1999 Beta Sigma Psi Β Σ ΨApril 17, 1925 Beta Theta Pi Β Θ ΠAugust 8, 1839 Beta Upsilon Chi Β Υ ΧApril 27, 1985 Chi Phi Χ ΦDecember 24, 1824 Chi Psi Χ ΨMay 20, 1841 Delta Chi Δ ΧOctober 13, 1890 Delta Kappa Epsilon Δ Κ ΕJune 22, 1844 Delta Lambda Phi Δ Λ ΦOctober 15, 1986 Delta Phi Δ ΦNovember 17, 1827 Delta Psi Δ ΨJanuary 17, 1847 Delta Sigma Phi Δ Σ ΦDecember 10, 1899 Delta Tau Delta Δ Τ ΔJanuary 1, 1858 Delta Upsilon Δ ΥNovember 4, 1834...

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NIC 2.0

2.0 – A distinction used to denote an advanced version of an original concept, product or service. NIC 2.0 The Future of Fraternities Fraternities are at a turning point—a critical moment. To thrive today and beyond, fraternal culture must evolve. Through extraordinary interfraternal collaboration, in Fall 2015, men’s fraternities came together to chart a bold course for the future. Their work resulted in sweeping changes to the North-American Interfraternity Conference aimed at creating vibrant, healthy fraternity communities—one community at a time. Convened around this challenge, the NIC is hitting reboot. We are reshaping our century-old organization to enact positive changes to ensure the fraternity movement thrives in the future. Yes, the new NIC will still be a trade association for the fraternal industry, but you will see its culture shift in conjunction with its reframed priorities. We will operate more like a cutting-edge technology company, creating resources and solutions to address common problems traditional approaches no longer answer. Our tone will focus around the values of humility, strong work ethic, and teamwork. By staying true to this culture, we hope to inspire the industry to embrace a similar paradigm to collaboration. The 5 Priorities of NIC 2.0 NIC 2.0 is a cohesive effort to bring about changes in the fraternity industry. It will be a force to move beyond conversation and ideas scrawled on flip charts into tangible action...

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The NIC and NIC Foundation Offices are Moving

The North-American Interfraternity Conference and NIC Foundation are moving! While we are just heading several miles from our existing location, this move will require you to update your records with our new address. As of Aug. 1, 2016, our new home will be: 865 W Carmel Drive, Suite 116 Carmel, IN 46032 Please, use this address for both mailing and shipping. You can still reach us via the same phone lines and email addresses: North-American Interfraternity Conference Main Line: 317-872-1112 General Email: NIC Foundation Main Line: 317-536-6435 General Email: We will lease space from our interfraternal friends...

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Julie Burkhard to Cultivate the NIC’s Advocacy Program as Chief Legislative Officer

Indianapolis, June 23, 2016–The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) is pleased to announce Julie Cain Burkhard will join the staff in the new role of Chief Legislative Officer (CLO). A long-time champion for the fraternal movement, in this role Burkhard will produce effective advocacy programs that strengthen higher education partnerships and utilize government and legal affairs. Her work will directly contribute to the NIC 2.0 priorities established with the passage of landmark reforms in late 2015. “The NIC needs strong leadership in our government relations efforts as public policy has a growing impact on universities and our members,” said Judson...

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Michael Wilson to Join NIC as Chief Financial Officer

Indianapolis, June 13, 2016 — The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Wilson to the NIC staff in the new role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In this position, Wilson will lead the NIC’s accounting, as well as the implementation of a data warehouse — one of the five NIC 2.0 priorities. The system will allow members to make data-driven decisions, share best practices and streamline operations. For the past 13 years, Wilson has worked for Kappa Alpha Order, serving most recently as Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Engagement, where he led the development...

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