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NIC Campus Support

Campus Support—Partnering to facilitate lasting, positive change in fraternity communities Taking Your IFC to the Next Level Fraternities are at a unique time in our history. To thrive today and beyond, fraternal culture must evolve. This will require greater partnership, collaboration and support than campuses, fraternities, chapters and the NIC have ever had. To create change within the global fraternity experience, we must focus attention at the local level. The NIC’s Campus Support Model strikes against a one-size-fits-all approach. This model prepares the community to take action and empowers interfraternal leaders toward peer governance, helping your community move toward the Vision for Fraternity Communities—Engendering Trust and Confidence in the Fraternity Experience. The NIC Campus Support Model: Provides vision and direction, yet allows for local campus customization. Fosters collaboration among local and inter/national stakeholders. Maximizes value to students and alumni. Focuses industry experts and partners on supporting campuses. Ensures consistent campus support within a high-turnover industry. The NIC Campus Support Model bundles the tools you need to improve the fraternity experience—consultation, resources, programs, assessments, and even discounts on services that will benefit your fraternity and sorority community. This maximizes value for your fraternity community, while helping you streamline planning and budgeting. You’ll also find that many offerings in our levels of support—like educational programs—can benefit the larger fraternity and sorority community on your campus, not just IFC. When your IFC pays its annual NIC dues (by Sept. 1 each year), it will...

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NIC Establishes Transgender Inclusion Working Group

Fraternities have reached out to the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) for insight around inclusion as the needs of transgender college students have recently received increased attention. The NIC has established a working group to review the student development and legal perspectives in this area. “We have heard from fraternities that they would like more education in this area,” said NIC President & CEO Judson Horras. “They are listening to their members and constituents and seeking out greater information around potential policy options and their implications.” The Transgender Inclusion Working Group will: Conduct a scan of existing membership inclusion and/or...

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NIC Medals

Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process NIC Gold and Silver Medal The presentation of the NIC Gold Medal and NIC Silver Medal dates back more than 70 years, making it one of the oldest interfraternal traditions. The Gold Medal is the highest honor the Conference can bestow and recognizes lifelong service to the interfraternal community and/or the NIC. The Silver Medal recognizes exemplary service or leadership in a role or task that has advanced the fraternal movement. 2018 gold medal honoree Edward “Ned” Kirklin Senior Vice President of Holmes Murphy & Associates Kappa Sigma Fraternity In the early 1990s, at a time when many men’s fraternities were just beginning to understand the need for a national insurance program, Ned founded Kirklin & Company, one of the first companies focused exclusively on risk prevention and harm reduction for fraternal clients. Since then, through various acquisitions and corporate name changes, Ned has remained a steadfast advocate for the fraternal movement. “He has been an exemplary partner in addressing insurance, health and safety and risk management education,” said one nominator. “Ned’s support of the NIC and individual member organizations has been likewise motivated by an obvious and...

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NIC Awards & Recognition

AWARDS OF DISTINCTION Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process NIC Awards of distinction & Recognition The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) annually recognizes excellence in the fraternal experience by conferring Awards of Distinction to individuals and groups who exemplify leadership, service and fraternal values. The award categories recognize outstanding undergraduate fraternity men, chapters, councils and advisors. The Gold and Silver Medals recognize interfraternal industry leaders and partners with our highest honors, and the Laurel Wreath Award recognizes outstanding interfraternal educational programs by both individuals and groups.  These honors play a significant role in advancement of the NIC mission and vision, as well as the industry as a whole. Recognizing the value and impact of individual and group efforts on college/university campuses and within interfraternal organizations conveys the importance of innovation, courage and commitment to a positive fraternal experience.  The nomination process is open to any interfraternal organization or related group/partner interested in nominating a qualified candidate for recognition. Award recipients are announced in May and awards are presented by NIC representatives throughout the following summer and fall in the recipient’s local community. These presentations take place during public ceremonies on campuses or at interfraternal events and programs like a convention or other interfraternal gathering to give recognition among peers, friends and families. Use the navigation...

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NIC Announces UIFI Lead Facilitator Application

While sessions of the 2016 Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) just wrapped up, we are already thinking about next summer’s program. For the first time ever, we are opening an application process for Lead Facilitators for UIFI, the NIC’s premier leadership program. Time and again, talented professionals and volunteers have asked us, “How do I become a Lead Facilitator?” We want to provide a place where seasoned facilitators can express their interest and abilities. The Role of a Lead Facilitator Lead Facilitators play a critical part in making UIFI a reality. They are responsible for on-site session management, training and leading a...

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