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Laurel Wreath

Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process laurel wreath award The Laurel Wreath Award is presented to individuals or groups in recognition of their unique programs, community outreach, or influence within the fraternal world. 2018 Honorees Congratulations to our 2018 Laurel Wreath Award-winning programs! Click the name below to learn more.  ALPHA TAU OMEGA, TALKSPACE PARTNERSHIP DELTA UPSILON, ASSOCIATE MEMBER EDUCATION PROGRAM PHI KAPPA PSI, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE SIGMA CHI, PREPARATION FOR BROTHERHOOD SIGMA NU, SIGMA NU MENTOR NETWORK SIGMA ALPHA MU, ZETA BETA TAU, ALPHA EPSILON PHI & SIGMA DELTA TAU, SUMMIT AGAINST HATE ? Alpha Tau Omega Talkspace Partnership Now in its second year, Alpha Tau Omega and Talkspace have partnered to provide professional, confidential mental health support to their undergraduate members. With college and university counseling centers overwhelmed by students, resulting in days if not weeks of wait time before an appointment with a professional, ATO recognized the need to provide an alternative solution. Each ATO member receives up to three Talkspace sessions complimentary of the National Fraternity. ATO is also partnering with Talkspace for ongoing mental health presentations. This summer at their biennial convention, a mental health professional from Talkspace...

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Chapter Award of Distinction

Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process   Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process chapter award of distinction The NIC’s Chapter Award of Distinction recognizes exceptional fraternity collegiate chapters demonstrating excellence in operations, involvement in their fraternity/sorority and campus community, and a commitment to a positive fraternity experience. 2018 honorees Congratulations to the 2018 NIC Chapter Award of Distinction recipients! Click the chapter name to learn more. ALPHA TAU OMEGA, BETA DELTA CHAPTER UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA BETA THETA PI, EPSILON OMICRON CHAPTER UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY DELTA SIGMA PHI, ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Lambda Theta Phi, Gamma Theta Chapter University of Wisconsin, Madison Sigma Nu, Gamma Tau Chapter University of Minnesota Twin Cities Theta Chi, Beta Delta Chapter Rutgers University ? Alpha tau omega, Beta Delta Chapter University of Alabama This chapter distinguished itself as ATO’s Top Chapter for the 2016-17 academic year. Beta Delta Chapter exemplifies self-governance and leadership, and it sets the bar for the campus fraternity community. It maintained the second highest fraternity GPA and, when factoring in the number of men in the chapter, the highest GPA for an organization of its size on campus. The chapter’s continued operation of an alcohol-free facility and mandatory...

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Undergraduate Award of Distinction

Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process   Undergraduate    Chapter    Council    Advisor     Laurel Wreath     Gold and Silver Medal     Awards Process UNDERGRADUATE AWARD OF DISTINCTION The NIC’s Undergraduate Award of Distinction recognizes fraternity men who, throughout in their collegiate experience, have found an outlet for development as both a leader and a better man. They are exemplary members of their organizations and serve their brothers, campuses and fraternity/sorority communities with humble confidence. 2018 honorees Congratulations to the 2018 NIC Undergraduate Award of Distinction recipients! Click on the recipient’s name to learn more.  Doug Abramowitz Zeta Beta Tau, Purdue University CONNOR ALLER PI KAPPA PHI, MISSOURI STATE University RHYS COLLINS SIGMA NU, EAST CAROLINA University JUAN HERNANDEZ LAMBDA THETA PHI, University OF NORTHERN IOWA RAMIRO JIMENEZ ACACIA, ILLINOIS STATE University OTHA “TRE” NELSON SIGMA NU, NORTHWESTERN STATE University MIKE POGGEMILLER ALPHA GAMMA RHO, IOWA STATE University LUCAS RENZ SIGMA PHI EPSILON, KANSAS STATE University PATRICK RYAN SIGMA PHI EPSILON, University OF TOLEDO JACK SCHIMPF BETA THETA PI, University OF MISSOURI JUSTIN WHITAKER PHI GAMMA DELTA, SAM HOUSTON STATE University ? Doug Abramowitz Zeta Beta Tau, Purdue University “Doug Abramowitz has proven himself as one of the very best that Zeta Beta Tau and Purdue University have to offer,”...

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Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act

Did you know room and board costs outweigh tuition costs at most public universities? CHIA would mean more not-for-profit student housing would be built, improved and maintained, saving future undergraduates potential student loan costs. Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act What is the problem? A discrepancy in the tax code prevents not-for-profit entities from being able to use tax-deductible charitable contributions to build, maintain and improve student housing. Fraternities often lack the financial ability to build new structures and make critical safety improvements to existing facilities. Because of this issue, fraternity members often live in sub-standard housing. Fraternities are losing capacity given that they cannot make the improvements we need to ensure a safe living environment for students. Alumni and donors want to contribute to improve fraternity housing to positively impact member living and learning experience, but are unable to make tax-deductible donations under the current code. What is the solution? The Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) (H.R. 1200/S. 736) CHIA eliminates an arbitrary distinction in the current tax code that allows colleges and universities to use charitable contributions to build and maintain student housing but prevents other not-for-profit student housing entities from doing the same. CHIA would result in all not-for-profit housing being treated the same under the law. The text of the bill simply states that a 501(c)(3) organization will not lose its tax-exempt status solely because...

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Government Relations

Effective advocacy programs that strengthen partnerships with higher education along with governmental and legal affairs. Government Relations A solid government relations strategy is so central to the success of fraternities, it is one of the core five priorities (above) of the NIC 2.0 reform. Such advocacy has been critical in our past and it will be in our future. The very existence of fraternities as men’s organizations is enabled by an exemption to Title IX, legislation that NIC Executive Vice President Jack Anson and his interfraternal colleagues lobbied President Gerald Ford for in the mid-1970s. This hallmark example of legislative involvement might seem historical, yet, the value of single-gender organizations is still questioned today. The NIC employs a government relations strategy because advocating for the fraternal experience and the rights and benefits of its members is critical. Let’s dive deeper into the NIC 2.0 priority establishing a government relations program. Effective advocacy programs… The North-American Interfraternity Conference has developed a government relations strategy around three key questions: What are we trying to achieve? How can we foster ownership of the effort? How can we align all constituents around the strategy? The NIC’s answer includes coordination and collaboration within three distinct areas: Relationships Legislative Priorities Education …That strengthen partnerships… The NIC is dedicated to building strong relationships with interfraternal and higher education partners based on transparency, inclusion and respect. Moving...

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