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Notable Fraternity Alumni: Medal of Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor Recipients from NIC Member Fraternities The following fraternity men have served their country with grace and honor. Their dedication to the United States has served as the ultimate example for fraternity men to follow. Listed below are the names, branch of service, and the fraternity these men have represented so well. Anders, Frank L., Corporal, United States Army, ACACIA Benedict, George G., Second Lieutenant, Union Army, SIGMA PHI Bingham, Henry H., Captain, Union Army, PHI KAPPA PSI Birney, Knox B., Lieutenant, US Army, PSI UPSILON Bliss, George N., Captain, Union Army, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Boyington, Gregory, Major, United States Marine Corps, LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Britt, Maurice L., Captain, United States Army, SIGMA CHI Bronson, Deming, First Lieutenant, United States Army, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Brown, Morris, Jr., Captain, Union Army, CHI PSI Buchanan, Allen, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy, DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Burke, Lloyd L., First Lieutenant, United States Army, PHI SIGMA KAPPA Burt, James M., Captain, United States Army, THETA CHI Butterfield, Daniel, Brigadier General, Union Army, SIGMA PHI Butterfield, Frank G., First Lieutenant, Union Army, CHI PSI Byrd, Richard Evenly, Jr., Commander, United States Navy, KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Cann, Tedford H., Seaman, United States Navy, PHI GAMMA DELTA Cannon. George H., First Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps, SIGMA CHI Chamberlain, Joshua L., Colonel, Union Army, ALPHA DELTA PHI Chambers, Justice M., Colonel, United States Marine Corps...

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Notable Fraternity Alumni

Notable Fraternity Alumni Prominent fraternity alumni are often cited by members and media. We celebrate their accomplishments because of their achievement. With 4.2 million living fraternity alumni, it is impossible to tell all the positive stories that have been accomplished. Under recognized are the teachers, doctors, engineers, clergy and veterans that continue to uphold the values of their fraternity in their daily lives. Whether this is done through their profession, or in volunteer/civic capacities, fraternity men are leaving a positive mark in their communities. Athletes Political Leaders Medal of Honor Recipients...

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Notable Fraternity Alumni: Athletes

NIC Fraternity Men in Sports Football Fraternity Men in the NFL Hall of Fame Fraternity Men in the CFL Hall of Fame Professional 2014 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2013 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2012 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2011 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2010 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2009 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2008 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2007 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2006 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2005 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2004 Fraternity Men in Pro Football 2003 Fraternity Men in Pro Football College 2014 NIC All-American Football Team 2013 NIC All-American Football Team 2012 NIC All-American Football Team 2011 NIC All-American Football Team 2010 NIC All-American Football Team 2009 NIC All-American Football Team  2008 NIC All-American Football Team 2007 NIC All-Fraternity Football Team 2006 NIC All-Fraternity Football Team 2005 NIC All-Fraternity Football Team 2004 NIC All-Fraternity Football Team 2003 NIC All-Fraternity Football Team 2002 NIC All-Fraternity Football Team 2001 NIC All-Fraternity Football Team Basketball Fraternity Men in the Basketball Hall of Fame College 2015 NIC All-Fraternity Basketball Team 2014 NIC All-Fraternity Basketball Team Baseball Fraternity Men in the Baseball Hall of Fame Professional 2014 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2013 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2012 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2011 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2010 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2009 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2008 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2007 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2006 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2005 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2004 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball 2003 Fraternity Men in Pro Baseball College 2015...

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Leading Fraternal Advocacy An effective advocacy campaign is not conducted in a silo, nor is it a single project. The NIC continuously collaborates with partners, educates stakeholders about the benefits of fraternity membership, and advocates for the fraternal movement. Everything that NIC engages in is centered around advocacy. It is important that NIC member fraternities support the NIC advocacy efforts through their continued promotion of those behaviors which are reflective of the best tradition of excellence of their organizations and immediately and effectively address situations that occur which are contrary to those traditions. This will increase NIC advocacy effectiveness. The critical audiences for our advocacy are: Higher education The primary environments in which fraternities operate are colleges and universities. The 800+ institutions across North America are a general audience with the Chief Student Affairs Officer (Vice President for Student Affairs and/or Dean of Students) and the fraternity/sorority professional as the specific stakeholders. The NIC will continue to utilize a network of relationships, inter/national conferences and workshops, and various forms of media to ensure our message continues to reach critical partners. Media The NIC serves as an industry spokesperson for national, regional, and local outlets and monitors media coverage for stories related to fraternity. The media is an important constituent that impacts and influences fraternal advocacy efforts. The NIC will closely monitor member fraternity news and may notify organizations when alerts are received. This is done...

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Position Statements

Position Statements Through the President & CEO, the NIC takes position on critical issues within the fraternity industry. Click to view and download each position statement: Benefits of Fraternity Membership Campus Security Authorities Open Expansion Role of the IFC Recognition Programs Recruitment Recruitment Restrictions as a Disciplinary Sanction Relationship Statements Right to Exist Single-Sex Organizations Recent News NIC Philosophy and Guidance on Community-Wide Actions Campus partners, First off, for those who attended the AFA Annual Meeting, thank you for engaging with us in important conversations last week in Atlanta. One of my lasting impressions from the conference was that our community is full of talented people, who care... Read More NIC and NICF partner with ChapterSpot and National Panhellenic Conference on engagement-driven data warehouse initiative NIC and ChapterSpot also collaborate on Social Safe app development and implementation   Indianapolis, Nov. 30, 2017—The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and NIC Foundation (NICF) are partnering with ChapterSpot, a leader in the fraternal... Read More Archie Messersmith Joins NIC Team As Champion For Critical Health and Safety Initiatives Indianapolis, Oct. 19, 2017—Archie Messersmith will join the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) team as the first-ever Director of Health and Safety on Oct. 30. He will lead the implementation of the enhanced NIC health and safety standards, partnering... Read More Melissa Kish Joins NIC Team As Director of Education and Leadership Development Indianapolis, Oct. 16,...

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