When you attend UIFI, the impact of the program won't stop with you. Want to make a difference in your fraternity and sorority community? Come to UIFI.


uifi 3Interfraternity: bringing together members from all aspects of the fraternity and sorority community. That’s what UIFI is all about. All undergraduate members of fraternal organizations (fraternities, sororities, multi-cultural fraternal groups, local groups) are encouraged to attend UIFI.

In 2018, there will be 9 national sessions of UIFI held between May and July. Each session only has a specific number of openings, so when registration opens in February 2018, act fast to get the session you want.

Who is this program for? UIFI is designed for every collegiate fraternity and sorority leader seeking to enhance their leadership skills, grow their abilities to be an effective leader (both in and out of formal positions), broaden their interfraternal network, and have fun!

Registration Process

  1. Use the button above to register online. You will provide their availability for session dates. Payment should be submitted a this time.
  2. Based on your availability and remaining spots in sessions, the NIC staff will place you into a session. The NIC will send a confirmation email.
  3. You will book your own travel and notify the NIC of these arrangements by completing this form no later than two weeks prior to the start of the session.


The registration fee includes lodging and meals for the duration of UIFI. Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses. Program fees for 2018 will be posted soon. 

If an organization/campus/individual wishes to sponsor registration for a student to attend UIFI and would like to receive an invoice for payment, they must indicate so on a form to be posted soon. 

Organization Scholarships

Many fraternal organizations and foundations provide full or partial scholarships to attend UIFI. Anyone seeking to provide funding for a student must complete a form to be posted soon. A list of organizations providing scholarships will be posted in spring 2018. 

NIC Scholarships

Students from Culturally-Based and Emerging NIC Fraternities

Consistent with our efforts to provide development and growth opportunities for culturally-based and emerging fraternities, the NIC is providing scholarships to members of these organizations. Students belonging to fraternities in the NIC’s Fraternity Growth Accelerator program (listed here), as well as members of other culturally-based organizations in the NIC are eligible for this opportunity.

Because these scholarships are provided out of NIC operating funds, they will be designated to members of NIC fraternities, which includes a diverse range of organizations, including historically black, multicultural and emerging fraternities.

Students with Financial Need

For students without the financial means to attend UIFI, the NIC will provide needs-based scholarships. Because these scholarships are provided out of NIC operating funds, they will be designated to members of NIC fraternities.

Students can begin applying for NIC scholarships in February 2018. More information will be shared at that time about application requirements. These scholarships cover 90 percent of the UIFI registration cost, which includes lodging and meals. Selected students will be responsible for a $50 enrollment fee and travel costs to Bloomington, Indiana. 

Substance Free Expectation

UIFI is a drug and alcohol-free educational program and environment. All participants, regardless of age, are not to bring or use alcohol or drugs during the institute. There are no exceptions. Violation of this policy results in expulsion from the session at one’s own expense.

UIFI Student Coordinator

Formerly known as UIFI Interns, serving as a Student Coordinator at UIFI can be an awesome experience for a UIFI Graduate. This is an opportunity to give back and contribute to the learning of your interfraternal brothers and sisters from across North-America. UIFI Student Coordinators play a critical role from managing much of the logistical support for a session to delivering testimonials, which are consistently viewed as a highlight of the program.

Who is Eligible to be a UIFI Student Coordinator?

UIFI Student Coordinators must be graduates of the Institute and be an undergraduate student involved in fraternity/sorority life. Students graduating from their institution in the spring/summer of 2017 are eligible and encouraged to apply. Professionals and non-students are not eligible to apply.

What is the Role of the UIFI Student Coordinator?

The primary role of the Student Coordinator is to provide logistical support to ensure a positive UIFI experience for facilitators and students participating in the program. Student Coordinators may also assist with experiential activities and other curriculum components as part of the session leadership team along with the Lead Facilitators and NIC staff.

How Do I Apply?

The application process to serve as a 2017 Student Coordinator has closed. Check back in January 2018 to apply to serve as a 2018 Student Coordinator. The application will ask how you have made a positive change in your chapter, council and community based on your experiences at and after UIFI.

What Do I Need to be Aware of?

  • Location: All National Sessions of UIFI will be held at Indiana University in Bloomington.
  • Program Length: The UIFI program is five days. Lead Facilitators and Student Coordinators arrive two days early for training and preparation.
  • Cost: Student Coordinators are expected to cover their own travel expenses to and from the UIFI host sites. Many campuses and national organizations are able to provide financial support to Student Coordinators for such costs if asked. NIC covers all lodging and meal expenses and provides materials for the program.
  • Travel: Student Coordinators arrange their own travel and must complete this travel form no later than 21 days prior to the start of the session.

2017 National Sessions

All UIFI national sessions are held at Indiana University in Bloomington.

  • Session 1: May 13-17
    Session Closed 
  • Session 2: May 17-21
    Session Closed 
  • Session 3: May 20-24
    Session Closed 
  • Session 4: May 24-28
    Session Closed 
  • Session 5: May 27-31
    Session Closed 
  • Session 6: May 31-June 4
    Session Closed 
  • Session 7: June 3-7
    Session Closed 
  • Session 8: June 7-11
    Session Closed 
  • Session 9: July 8-12
    Session Closed
  • Session 10: July 12-16
    Session Closed
  • Session 11: July 19-23
    Session Closed – Waitlist Available