"Another amazing week of learning, laughing and connecting with the best and the brightest at UIFI! 16 UIFIs later and I continue to be impressed by the impact we made in just 5 days!” – Dominic Greene, 2016 UIFI Lead Facilitator


Facilitators often find the UIFI experience to be as enriching as it is to the undergraduate participants. The learning environment, forward-thinking nature of the curriculum, and heart and passion of the undergraduate participants make it more than worth the time you donate. UIFI is an opportunity to break away from the day-to-day business of the office and be among colleagues and students who share a passion for fraternities/sororities.

You will find professional development through interactions with colleagues from across the country, growth of facilitation skills and structured conversations about the nature of our work.

Types of Facilitators

Lead Facilitators: Lead Facilitators play a critical part in making UIFI a reality. They are responsible for on-site session management, training and leading a group of up to 16 small-group facilitators. They guide the program’s central themes by delivering five days of general session content. For complete details about what is expected of a Lead Facilitator, see the Lead Facilitator Agreement.

Small-group Facilitators: In each UIFI session, approximately 75 fraternity/sorority students gather from throughout North America. This group of delegates is then divided into smaller groups called “chapters.” Small-group facilitators are paired and assigned a chapter of 10-12 students who they work with throughout the program. The primary role of the facilitator is, with his/her partner, to conduct the chapter meetings that occur throughout UIFI. Facilitators are also asked to assist with topical discussions and other components of the general sessions. For complete details about what is expected of small-group facilitators, see the Facilitators Expectations Guide.

Selection Process

Lead Facilitators

  • Eligibility: We are seeking seasoned, experienced facilitators who have been a UIFI facilitator before.
  • Application: The Lead Facilitator Application will be available in fall 2018, with selections occurring later in the fall.
  • Training: Lead Facilitators receive training during a pre-conference gathering at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors.

Small-group Facilitators

  • Eligibility: Campus professionals, graduate students, fraternity/sorority staff, consultants and volunteers are all eligible and encouraged to apply. Only undergraduate students are not permitted to serve as a facilitator at UIFI. Individuals who work with non-profit organization that connect with college students, as well as employees of businesses that cater to college students, are also eligible. There is no requisite age or experience level. Facilitators also do not need to be affiliated with a fraternity or sorority.
  • Application: The application process to serve as a 2017 Facilitator has closed. Check back in January 2018 to apply to serve as a 2018 Small-group Facilitator.
  • Training: Small-group Facilitators will receive the curriculum prior to departing for their session and will be trained on-site by the Lead Facilitators.


  • Location: All National Sessions of UIFI will be held at Indiana University in Bloomington. Facilitator applicants can also indicate their interest in campus- or organization-based sessions that are scheduled throughout the summer.
  • Program Length: The UIFI program is five days. Lead Facilitators arrive two days early and Small-group Facilitators arrive one day prior to the session start for training and preparation.
  • Cost: Facilitators are expected to cover their own travel expenses to and from the UIFI host sites.  NIC covers all lodging and meal expenses and provides materials for the program.
  • Travel: Facilitators must arrange their own travel and must complete this travel form no later than 21 days prior to the start of the session.

2017 National & Campus Sessions

Dates include facilitator training and the UIFI program:

  • Florida International University: April 29-May 5
  • Denison University: May 9-14
  • Texas Christian University: May 14-19
  • Session 1: May 12-17
  • Session 2: May 16-21
  • Session 3: May 19-24
  • Session 4: May 23-28
  • Session 5: May 26-31
  • Session 6: May 30-June 4
  • Session 7: June 2-7
  • Session 8: June 6-11
  • Session 9: July 7-12
  • Session 10: July 11-16
  • Session 11: July 18-23