ready to bring out the best in yourself and fraternities/sororities?

Registration for UIFI 2018 is open! Each session has a specific number of openings – act quickly to get the session you want. All of the below sessions take place at Indiana University in Bloomington. Find more details about registration costs and available scholarships to cover your UIFI attendance below. 


#WhyUIFI – Immersive, intentional, life-changing

Jack Kreman Chief Operating Officer, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Past UIFI Facilitator  I’ve worked for my fraternity since 2004. In that time, I’ve been a part of many leadership and educational programs. I work with the talented team at DTD to educate our members, I...

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#WhyUIFI – There’s never been a better time

Emily Carney, Pi Beta Phi, Arizona State University 2015 UIFI Participant, 2017 UIFI Student Coordinator  I had the privilege of attending UIFI in 2015, going into my sophomore year of college. I got increasingly anxious as my session approached, as I had no idea what...

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Through dynamic teambuilding activities, we build relationships and trust. You will explore what it means to be a revolutionary leader.


You will define your personal leadership style and examine the role courage plays in revolutionary leadership. You will discuss how values, ethics and integrity connect with leadership.


The third day is a day about values, community and Ritual. A longstanding UIFI tradition, "Into the Streets" kick-starts a morning devoted to service. You will explore your identity in the world and how it intersects with your values. Finally, the harsh realities of the current state of fraternity/sorority life are held up against the ideal visions our founders passed on to us.


Day four is about action and results. Focusing on creating lasting change, you will create a "Blueprint" for action that will be your guide as you enact change back on your campus. The day concludes with a social event to celebrate the relationships and commitments made.


The final day is about all of the days that follow UIFI. You will graduate from the UIFI experience and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Registration & Program Information

Get funding to attend UIFI

Many fraternal organizations and foundations provide full or partial scholarships to attend UIFI because they believe in the profound impact it makes on their members. Funding may even be available through your council or chapter. We encourage you to explore these options – read more about eligibility, availability and the application process below!


Registration fees include lodging, meals and program materials for the duration of UIFI. Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses. Registration costs are as follows:

  • Participants attending with a scholarship from their fraternity/sorority national headquarters:$550 before or after April 23, 2018
  • Participants from campuses with an IFC Campus Support package:$550 on or before April 23, 2018
    $625 after April 23, 2018
  • Participants from campuses without an IFC Campus Support package:$625 on or before April 23, 2018
    $675 after April 23, 2018

substance-free expectation

UIFI is a drug- and alcohol-free program. No drugs of any kind are tolerated, no exceptions. All participants, regardless of legal drinking age, are not to bring or consume alcohol at any point during the program. Violation of this policy results in expulsion from the session.


The following organizations and/or foundations are offering scholarships for members to attend UIFI. Click on the name of your organization for details/contact information. More will be added as scholarships become available. If you are an organization that would like to provide scholarships for members to attend UIFI, click the “Contact Us to Provide Funding for a Student” button below! 

campus or individual SCHOLARSHIPS

Campuses (via chapter, council or office of fraternity and sorority life) or individuals can provide funding for a student to attend UIFI. Contact your fraternity/sorority advisor to find out if your campus has scholarships available.

NIC Scholarships

Students from Culturally-Based and Emerging NIC Fraternities

Scholarships are available specifically for students who are members of NIC Fraternity Growth Accelerator (FGA) organizations. The FGA program enables the NIC to give focused growth and development opportunities and support to these emerging or culturally-based fraternities, which includes ensuring members have access to programs like UIFI. Students who belong to any of the fraternities listed as an FGA member, as well as members of other culturally-based NIC organizations, are eligible for these funding opportunities. To apply, send an email to Melissa Kish, Director of Education and Leadership Development, including your name, school, affiliation and brief description of financial need. NIC scholarships cover 90 percent of registration costs, which includes meals and lodging. Selected students are responsible for a $50 enrollment fee and travel costs.

Because these scholarships are provided out of NIC operating funds, they are first designated to students whose organization is an NIC member. Click here to see a list of NIC member fraternities.

Students with Financial Need

For students without the financial means to attend UIFI, the NIC offers needs-based scholarships. Because this funding is provided out of NIC operating funds, they are first designated to students who are members of NIC organizations. These scholarships cover 90 percent of the UIFI registration cost, which includes lodging and meals. Selected students will be responsible for a $50 enrollment fee and their travel costs to Bloomington, IN.

UIFI Student Coordinators

Formerly known as UIFI Interns, serving as a Student Coordinator at UIFI can be an awesome experience for a UIFI Graduate. This is an opportunity to give back and contribute to the learning of your interfraternal brothers and sisters from across North-America. UIFI Student Coordinators play a critical role in the program, from managing much of the logistical support for a session to delivering testimonials, which are consistently viewed as a highlight of the UIFI experience.

Who is eligible to be a UIFI Student Coordinator?

UIFI Student Coordinators must be graduates of the Institute and be an undergraduate student involved in fraternity/sorority life. Students graduating from their institution in the spring/summer of 2018 are eligible and encouraged to apply. Campus/fraternal industry professionals and non-students are not eligible to apply.

What is the role of the UIFI Student Coordinator?

The primary role of the Student Coordinator is to provide logistical support to ensure a positive UIFI experience for facilitators and students participating in the program. Student Coordinators may also assist with experiential activities and other curriculum components as part of the session leadership team along with the Lead Facilitators and NIC staff.

What else do I need to know?

  • Location: All National Sessions of UIFI will be held at Indiana University in Bloomington.
  • Program Length: The UIFI program is five days. Lead Facilitators and Student Coordinators arrive two days early for training and preparation.
  • Cost: Student Coordinators are expected to cover their own travel expenses to and from the UIFI host sites. Many campuses and national organizations are able to provide financial support to Student Coordinators for such costs if asked. NIC covers all lodging and meal expenses and provides materials for the program.
  • Travel: Student Coordinators arrange their own travel and once selected, will complete a travel form prior to their assigned session.