Courage. Leadership. Community. Living your ritual.
The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute is a leadership experience made for fraternity and sorority members.

About UIFI

The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) is the NIC’s premier interfraternal leadership program. It brings together undergraduate members of fraternal organizations (fraternities, sororities, multi-cultural fraternal groups, local groups) to explore and elevate their leadership in their chapters and communities.

  • Who: The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) is designed for every collegiate fraternity and sorority leader seeking to enhance their leadership skills, grow their abilities to be an effective leader (both in and out of formal positions), broaden their interfraternal network, and have fun!
  • What: At UIFI, you will spend five days learning with and from fraternity men and sorority women from across North America. You will explore the fraternity/sorority leader you want to be and where you can take your chapter, council or community. This program will push you to define the challenges in your community and excite you for how to create change. UIFI allows you to enhance your leadership skills, develop personal awareness, ignite commitment to your organization, and expect values-based action from yourself and those you lead.
  • When: Multiple five-day sessions will be held throughout May, June and July. 2018 session dates will be posted soon. 
  • Where: All national sessions will be held on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

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Types of UIFI Programs

  • National Sessions: Each year, the NIC hosts sessions that bring together fraternity and sorority members from across North America. These programs are held on Indiana University’s campus in Bloomington run throughout the summer between mid-May and mid-July. Registration and scholarships will open in the spring. Learn more here.
  • Campus Sessions: Campuses can host a session specifically for members of their fraternity/sorority communities. These programs are held at a local retreat center and organized by campus professionals and leaders and the NIC staff in partnership. Learn more here. Contact Alexis to talk about UIFI providing benefit to your campus community.
  • Organization Sessions: (Inter)National organizations can host a session of UIFI and bring together their brothers/sisters from across the country. These programs are held at a central location and organized by organization and NIC staff in partnership. Learn more here. Contact Alexis to discuss the positive impact UIFI can make for your members and in your organization.

How UIFI Changed Me

I left a different person than when I arrived.

I was empowered, and I knew that I could, in turn, empower and support others.

I think what UIFI gave me the most was confidence in myself to be the leader I needed to be for my council.

I was able to create a vision for what I wanted to do during my term as President of our Multicultural Greek Council.

Not only did I learn about myself as a leader and an individual, but also about what it truly meant to be a part of a greater Greek community.

When I left UIFI, I knew I wanted to go back and make our community more unified and more inclusive.

Impact of UIFI

UIFI will challenge you intellectually, emotionally and physically. You will develop your leadership skills, learn how to resolve complex issues, grow your confidence, enhance your critical thinking ability and build your courage. You will also increase your network of relationships that can help you reach your potential and attain your goals.

The program will make a difference in your life. In 2017, students reported positive gains in leadership skills, commitment and confidence to make an impact in their chapters and communities.

  • 95% report they are a better leader because of UIFI.
  • 94% report UIFI deepened their commitment to fraternity/sorority life.
  • 97% report that as a result of UIFI, they are going to positively impact their chapter.
  • 93% report that as a result of UIFI, they are going to positively impact their community.
  • 93% would recommend UIFI to a peer.

Facilitators reported the program is innovative and “the best of its kind,” and 100% said they would encourage students to attend. Click here to see our evaluation data in-brief.

Program Highlights

Day One

Through dynamic teambuilding activities, we build relationships and trust. You will explore what it means to be a revolutionary leader.

Day Two

You will define your personal leadership style and examine the role courage plays in revolutionary leadership. You will discuss how values, ethics and integrity connect with leadership.

Day Three

The third day is a day about values, community and Ritual. A longstanding UIFI tradition, “Into the Streets” kick-starts a morning devoted to service. You will explore your identity in the world and how it intersects with your values. Finally, the harsh realities of the current state of fraternity/sorority life are held up against the ideal visions our founders passed on to us.

Day Four

Day four is about action and results. Focusing on creating lasting change, you will create a “Blueprint” for action that will be your guide as you enact change back on your campus. The day concludes with a social event to celebrate the relationships and commitments made.

Day Five

The final day is about all of the days that follow UIFI. You will graduate from the UIFI experience and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.