Preparing IFC Presidents for Interfraternal Leadership

Jan. 4 – 6, 2019
Doubletree | Cincinnati

IFC Presidents have an enormous job. They are asked to lead their council effectively, establish relationships across campus, create a shared vision and guide their community toward positive change. These are no small tasks. We’d bargain the IFC President’s job is one of the most complex student leadership roles on campus. And these leaders need greater support. That’s why, in partnership with the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values, Northeast Greek Leadership Association, and Southeastern Interfraternity Conference, we developed PRIME: The Summit of IFC Presidents. PRIME focuses IFC Presidents on their role from the get-go. Getting this concentrated training in January, when many IFC presidents start their term, will prepare them for council and community leadership.
Registration for PRIME 2019 will open Oct. 1, 2018. Please contact Melissa Kish, Director of Education & Leadership Development, with any questions about the program.

PRIME Program Highlights

The goal of PRIME is to prepare IFC Presidents to be the best possible leader as they work with their Council to be the best IFC they can possibly be. This is accomplished through high-level skill building around leadership and learning from experts in the industry while sharing their own best practices and IFC experiences with their peers.

PRIME attendees will:

  • Build a network with other IFC Presidents from across the country
  • Learn executive leadership skills needed to be IFC President
  • Learn the components of an ideal IFC
  • Determine key relationships and resources needed, and how to gain them
  • Understand how to manage difficult situations and complex problems
  • Learn from experienced professionals and experts in the field
Have questions about PRIME? Contact Melissa Kish, Director of Education & Leadership Development.