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With tax legislation on the horizon, we are seeking your help to make a strong push for the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act’s inclusion. CHIA (H.R. 1200/S. 736) would fix a discrepancy in the tax code that prevents not-for-profit entities from being able to use tax-deductible charitable contributions to build, maintain and improve student housing.

The best way to get CHIA included in comprehensive tax reform — and the best way to move it forward for passage — is to encourage lawmakers through grassroots efforts.

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5 Legislative Priorities

Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act

CHIA Grassroots Campaign

Benefits of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act

Improve College Affordability

With room and board costs outweighing tuition costs at most public colleges and universities, not-for-profit housing offers students an affordable alternative. CHIA is one of the most cost-effective solutions to the college affordability crisis.



Treat Everyone the Same

CHIA would simplify the tax code and provide parity, creating the potential for all students living in not-for-profit housing to benefit from charitable giving to improve that housing.


Provide Safer Student Housing

CHIA would create parity in the tax code, resulting in safer student housing by enabling organizations — like fraternities and sororities — to fund life-safety and capacity upgrades such as fire sprinklers and alarm systems in their homes.



Create Jobs

CHIA would support small businesses and the construction industry because the ability to use charitable contributions for housing infrastructure will generate construction projects.



Come at a Minimal Cost

CHIA is a rare bill that would cost very little, have a big impact. It enjoys strong bipartisan and bicameral support. CHIA was scored at just $148 million over ten years and will generate a torrent of small business activity that creates jobs nationwide.