NIC Gold and Silver Medal

The presentation of the NIC Gold Medal and NIC Silver Medal dates back more than 70 years, making it one of the oldest interfraternal traditions. The Gold Medal is the highest honor the Conference can bestow and recognizes lifelong service to the interfraternal community and/or the NIC. The Silver Medal recognizes exemplary service or leadership in a role or task that has advanced the fraternal movement.

2018 gold medal honoree

Edward “Ned” Kirklin

Senior Vice President of Holmes Murphy & Associates
Kappa Sigma Fraternity

In the early 1990s, at a time when many men’s fraternities were just beginning to understand the need for a national insurance program, Ned founded Kirklin & Company, one of the first companies focused exclusively on risk prevention and harm reduction for fraternal clients. Since then, through various acquisitions and corporate name changes, Ned has remained a steadfast advocate for the fraternal movement.

“He has been an exemplary partner in addressing insurance, health and safety and risk management education,” said one nominator. “Ned’s support of the NIC and individual member organizations has been likewise motivated by an obvious and sincere desire to serve and improve our organizations and communities. Fraternities are better because of his leadership and service.”

Now the Senior Vice President of Holmes Murphy & Associates, Ned is a well-known industry speaker on risk management and has pushed NIC member fraternities to actively embrace commonsense harm reduction strategies. “As our organization’s insurance advocate, Ned has always been willing to suggest innovative tactics for education and program design that delicately balance both cost and insurance protection,” said another nominator. “And, in those times when we have claims filed and need a strong advocate, Ned is supportive beyond words.”

Ned’s contributions outside of the insurance realm are too many to list: speaker at countless conventions and leadership conferences; participant in lobbying efforts for the fraternal experience; loyal donor to the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee; collaborator with other industry vendors. In addition, his generosity goes beyond his professional affiliation. He has been a personal supporter of many organizations’ foundations because he recognizes the value of the educational programming and support provided through foundation funding. Ned has remained a steadfast supporter of the NIC over the past 30 years–though his own fraternity isn’t a member organization.

“Ned has been devoted to protecting the lives of fraternity men and women for over 25 years,” said a nominator. “He has elevated the definition of fraternity, combining leadership and responsibility to our community. Ned has invested his time and resources developing risk management practices so that we can provide a safe environment for our members and guests.”

Award criteria & nomination form

gold medal

A potential Gold Medal recipient is an individual who:

      • Exemplifies the values, mission and purpose of fraternity
      • Models selfless service and visionary leadership
      • Believes in and exemplifies interfraternal leadership
      • Has exhibited a lifetime of service to the fraternal movement and/or the NIC

To be considered, nomination must include:

        • Application
        • Fraternity/sorority endorsement
        • Supporting documentation
silver medal

A potential Silver Medal recipient is an individual who has shown exemplary service or leadership in a role or task that has advanced the fraternal movement.

To be considered, nomination must include:

            • Application
            • Fraternity/sorority endorsement
            • Supporting documentation

2017 silver medal honorees

dr. mari ann callais
silver medal recipient

Theta Phi Alpha 
Dr. Mari Ann Callais began her tenure in the fraternal movement as a fraternity/sorority life professional at both Mississippi State University and Southeastern Louisiana University. Throughout the 25 years that have followed, and counting, Dr. Callais has become a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator for fraternity and sorority leadership events, a staff member of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity serving as Senior Director of Special Initiatives, and as national president of Theta Phi Alpha, among other notable roles serving the fraternal industry.

“Few individuals represent, for me, quite the same level of personal and professional excellence and commitment as Dr. Callais,” one nominator wrote. “She has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students, providing not only valuable insight into the practical application of fraternal values, but also a strong role model of lifelong dedication to fraternity. Hers is an example to be celebrated.”

Dr. Callais has been recognized with awards and honors from many fraternity and sorority organizations and associations. Some of these include the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Distinguished Service Award and the Fraternity Communications Association Evan C. Varner, Jr. Fraternal Communications Award for dedication to communicating the meaning of fraternity. She has also served as a facilitator for a variety of interfraternal leadership and membership development programs, making her a beacon of the industry who has touched the lives of members across countless organizations. Her warm and energetic personality coupled with her expertise and delivery through song make her presence unmatched.

“To put this in simple terms, Mari Ann believes in this thing called sorority and fraternity,” another nominator wrote. “She continues to grow, evolve and impact our profession. Mari Ann motivates all of us to respect our founders and these ideals/principles that our world desperately needs. She sings about fraternity, she writes about it, she consults on it but most importantly she lives it.”

jean mrasek
silver medal recipient

Chi Omega 
Jean Mrasek’s long history of local and national service to the Greek community began as an initiate of Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Chi Omega Fraternity at The University of Tulsa. After traveling as a National Consultant for Chi Omega, Jean volunteered on the advisory board for her chapter in several roles. She then represented Chi Omega as a member of its National Panhellenic Conference delegation from 1993-2002, holding leadership positions as NPC Extension Chairman and Area Advisor Coordinator for Mid-America on the NPC College Panhellenics Committee.

Jean served on the Chi Omega Governing Council from 2002-04 as National Secretary and from 2004-08 as National President. During her time as National President, Jean took Chi Omega to new heights with steady and visionary leadership through the implementation of a strategic communication plan, which consisted of a new visual identity, magazine redesign, parent outreach, online resources and educational modules, risk management education, and customized chapter assistance, among other significant initiatives.

In 2008, Jean was selected by the Governing Council to serve as Chi Omega’s representative on the NPC Executive Committee, and in 2013-15, Jean served as NPC Chairman. “I have always considered Jean one of those under-appreciated, unsung heroes,” one nominator wrote. “Having watched her work with NPC from afar, I was always impressed with her depth of commitment, work ethic and intelligence.”

In 2015, Jean was awarded the Accolade for Interfraternal Service from Kappa Alpha Order, an honor that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the interfraternal community. The Chi Omega Foundation established the Jean Mermoud Mrasek Scholarship for Panhellenic Leadership and Excellence both to honor Jean’s legacy of service and support emerging student leaders who wish to become Panhellenic leaders by attending the National Panhellenic Conference College Panhellenic Academy.

greg singleton
silver medal recipient

Kappa Alpha Order 
Greg Singleton began his career in the fraternal industry as an Educational Leadership Consultant for Kappa Alpha Order. Following his time as a consultant, Greg spent a year in Memphis as an educator within the public school system before he followed his true passion for working with college students. His work on college campuses includes roles at University of Memphis, Purdue University, University of Miami and currently, Austin Peay State University, where he serves as Associate Vice President and Dean of Students.

“As a mentor, Greg has guided me in very important ways, supporting me as I create a successful path into the profession,” one nominator wrote. “Through Greg, I uncovered that our work is never finished—it begins with each of us and continues with those to whom you leave your influence and legacy on a daily basis. Therefore, Greg has not only lived up to this expectation but also exceeded it through his service to mentoring new professionals, conducting research, and promoting the advancement of the fraternal movement. Without Greg, I would not be who I am today.”

In addition to his professional capacities in higher education and student affairs, Greg has remained an active volunteer for various interfraternal organizations and KA. He served on the Executive Board of the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference (SEIFC) for 18 years in roles that included SEIFC Advisor, Assistant Executive Director and Executive Director. He is a former recipient of both the SEIFC and Southeastern Panhellenic Conference (SEPC) Outstanding Greek Advisor Award and is also highly involved in volunteer roles for Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honorary. He is a former Deputy Province Commander for KA and continues to serve the fraternity nationally as the current National Scholarship Officer since 2007. Greg has also received the Knight Commander’s Accolade, the highest award bestowed upon an alumnus of Kappa Alpha Order.

“To know Greg is to know a true professional,” another nominator wrote. “If we identified everyone Greg influenced, you would see how remarkable his reach is from both undergraduate students to professionals; but what is most noticeable is that many times this is in a volunteer capacity and not as a requirement of his position. I could never fully articulate my admiration for Greg’s dedication to, service to, support of, and passion for fraternity and all that it encompasses.”

bonnie wunsch
silver medal recipient

Alpha Epsilon Phi
“Bonnie has been a stalwart and consistent source of strength and advocacy for women’s and men’s organizations in the interfraternal community for nearly 30 years,” one nominator wrote about Bonnie Wunsch, Executive Director for Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority. “Bonnie has been and continues to serve as an example of leadership in our interfraternal community while serving her own organization. She has inspired a number of women and men to involve themselves in their fraternity and sorority communities, national organizations and in volunteer roles.”

Bonnie’s legacy of service extends throughout several integral organizations related to the fraternal movement. She is a past President of the Fraternity Executives Association, and she served on the Fraternal Information and Programming Group (FIPG) board of directors and on the board of directors for the Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA). A nominator added, “To this day, those of us who serve on the faculty for NGLA attend a dinner on Friday night named in her honor—an event that is characterized by interfraternalism.” A coveted NGLA award is also named for Bonnie and recognizes a volunteer who has made significant contributions to the NGLA.

Joining Alpha Epsilon Phi’s staff in 1988, Bonnie held various roles prior to becoming Executive Director, including Director of New Member Education and Province Director, as well as one year serving on AEPhi’s National Council as Vice President-Collegiate Chapters. Throughout almost three decades, Bonnie has become known as a true connector of people and someone within the fraternal world whom thousands know they can rely upon for guidance.

“Bonnie and I first met when I was hired as ZBT’s Director of Chapter Services,” another nominator wrote. “Despite being brand new to this field and in a junior staff level role, Bonnie still took the time to get to know me and help me navigate through this profession. Bonnie not only makes us feel special, but she takes the time to make sure we know why.”

Previous Gold and Silver Medal Recipients
MedalMedal YearMedal RecipientOrganization
NIC Gold Medalist1940Albert S. BardChi Psi 
NIC Gold Medalist1940Alvan E. DuerrDelta Tau Delta 
NIC Gold Medalist1981Robert K. Ausman, M.D.Alpha Epsilon Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1982Dr. Norman Vincent PealePhi Gamma Delta 
NIC Gold Medalist1982Robert H ShafferSigma Chi
NIC Gold Medalist1983Ronald ReaganTau Kappa Epsilon
NIC Gold Medalist1984Harold JacobsenSigma Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1984Robert B. StewartAlpha Chi Rho
NIC Gold Medalist1985Ewing T. BowlesPhi Kappa Tau  
NIC Gold Medalist1985John W. GalbreathDelta Tau Delta
NIC Gold Medalist1986Jack L. AnsonPhi Kappa Tau 
NIC Gold Medalist1987Dr. Ronald W. RoskensSigma Tau Gamma 
NIC Gold Medalist1987Richard H. SudheimerTriangle
NIC Gold Medalist1988Paul K. AddamsAlpha Chi Rho
NIC Gold Medalist1988Sidney H. GullerSigma Alpha Mu
NIC Gold Medalist1989Stanley I. FishelZeta Beta Tau
NIC Gold Medalist1989Williams S. ZermanPhi Gamma Delta
NIC Gold Medalist1990Dr. John L. BlackburnAlpha Sigma Phi
NIC Gold Medalist1991Dr. Karlem RiessPhi Kappa Sigma
NIC Gold Medalist1991Edwin L. HemingerDelta Tau Delta
NIC Gold Medalist1992Robert J. Miller, CAEPhi Delta Theta 
NIC Gold Medalist1992T.J. Schmitz, CAETau Kappa Epsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1992William P. SchwartzSigma Alpha Mu 
NIC Gold Medalist1992William T. Bringham, CAESigma Chi 
NIC Gold Medalist1993Durward W. OwenPi Kappa Phi 
NIC Gold Medalist1993George W. SpasykLambda Chi Alpha
NIC Gold Medalist1993Henry B. PoorPsi Upsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1993Howard R. AlterTheta Chi 
NIC Gold Medalist1994Maureen S. SyringDelta Gamma 
NIC Gold Medalist1994Patrick I. BrownAlpha Tau Omega 
NIC Gold Medalist1994Philip H. CohenAlpha Epsilon Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1994Ralph S. RumseyZeta Psi
NIC Gold Medalist1995Dr. William R. NesterPi Kappa Alpha
NIC Gold Medalist1995Edward M. KingSigma Chi 
NIC Gold Medalist1995Mary PetersonAlpha Phi
NIC Gold Medalist1996George BeckPi Lambda Phi 
NIC Gold Medalist1996Jean W. ScottPi Beta Phi 
NIC Gold Medalist1996Rodney Williams, Jr.Tau Kappa Epsilon
NIC Gold Medalist1997Charles V. "Chuck" LoringPhi Sigma Kappa 
NIC Gold Medalist1997Richard S. SimonZeta Beta Tau  
NIC Gold Medalist1998Frank J. Ruck, Jr.Sigma Phi Epsilon
NIC Gold Medalist1998Hiliary H. HollowayKappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
NIC Gold Medalist1998Mary Burt Brooks NashAlpha Xi Delta
NIC Gold Medalist1998Russell G. MawbyAlpha Gamma Rho
NIC Gold Medalist1999Brian BrooksDelta Sigma Phi
NIC Gold Medalist2000Maurice “Mo” LittlefieldSigma Nu 
NIC Gold Medalist2001George W. Bush, PresidentDelta Kappa Epsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist2002Bill MuseTau Kappa Epsilon
NIC Gold Medalist2004First Lady Laura BushKappa Alpha Theta 
NIC Gold Medalist2004Idris TraylorKappa Alpha Order
NIC Gold Medalist2004R. Keith GilchrestAlpha Kappa Lambda 
NIC Gold Medalist2005Gregory HauserDelta Chi
NIC Gold Medalist2005Sidney DunnAlpha Epsilon Pi
NIC Gold Medalist2005William JenkinsPhi Kappa Tau
NIC Gold Medalist2006Edward A. PeasePi Kappa Alpha
NIC Gold Medalist2006Jonathan BrantBeta Theta Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist2007Phil JosephsonAlpha Gamma Rho 
NIC Gold Medalist2008Bill BernierSigma Tau Gamma 
NIC Gold Medalist2009Jon C. WilliamsonLambda Chi Alpha 
NIC Gold Medalist2009Raymond L. OriansPi Kappa Alpha 
NIC Gold Medalist2010James EstesKappa Alpha Order
NIC Gold Medalist2010Wilford A. ButlerDelta Upsilon
NIC Gold Medalist2011Jim VredenburghTheta Xi
NIC Gold Medalist2011Kenneth TraceySigma Alpha Epsilon
NIC Gold Medalist2011Marc P. KatzAlpha Epsilon Pi
NIC Gold Medalist2011Rick BarnesFarmHouse
NIC Gold Medalist2012David WestolTheta Chi
NIC Gold Medalist2012Raymond GalbrethDelta Chi
NIC Gold Medalist2013Dr. Edward H. HammondSigma Phi Epsilon
NIC Gold Medalist2013James E. Greer, Jr.Zeta Beta Tau 
NIC Gold Medalist2013Robert D. LyndKappa Delta Rho
NIC Gold Medalist2013Robert F. Marchesani, Jr.Phi Kappa Psi
NIC Gold Medalist2014Dr. Phillip SummersPi Kappa Phi
NIC Gold Medalist2014William E. ForesterKappa Alpha Order
NIC Gold Medalist2016Robert L. OffFarmHouse Fraternity
NIC Gold Medalist1941 H. Maurice DarlingDelta Kappa Epsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1946 Lloyd G. BalfourSigma Chi 
NIC Gold Medalist1947 John MoselySigma Alpha Epsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1948 G. Herbert SmithBeta Theta Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1949 Leroy A. WilsonLambda Chi Alpha 
NIC Gold Medalist1950 Joseph A. Bursley
NIC Gold Medalist1951 Arthur Ray WarnockBeta Theta Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1951 Joseph A. ParkAlpha Tau Omega 
NIC Gold Medalist1951 William R. BayesPhi Delta Theta 
NIC Gold Medalist1952 Henry M. WristonDelta Tau Delta 
NIC Gold Medalist1953 Verling C. EntemanDelta Phi 
NIC Gold Medalist1954 Frank H. MyersKappa Alpha Order 
NIC Gold Medalist1954 Maurice JacobsPhi Epsilon Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1955 Cecil J. WilkinsonPhi Gamma Delta 
NIC Gold Medalist1956 Fred H. TurnerSigma Alpha Epsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1957 Herbert L. BrownPhi Sigma Kappa 
NIC Gold Medalist1957 John M. McGregorAlpha Tau Omega 
NIC Gold Medalist1959 Horace G. NicholDelta Upsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1960 Francis S. Van DerburKappa Sigma 
NIC Gold Medalist1961 George S. WardPhi Delta Theta 
NIC Gold Medalist1962 Herman B. WellsSigma Nu 
NIC Gold Medalist1962 J. Edward MurphySigma Nu 
NIC Gold Medalist1964 Henry R. JohnstonDelta Kappa Epsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1965 Tom C. ClarkDelta Tau Delta 
NIC Gold Medalist1966 Dr. Seth R. BrooksBeta Theta Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1966 Joel W. ReynoldsDelta Tau Delta 
NIC Gold Medalist1967 Roland MaxwellPhi Kappa Tau 
NIC Gold Medalist1967 Scott TurnerPsi Upsilon 
NIC Gold Medalist1968 George ChapmanTheta Chi 
NIC Gold Medalist1969 Houston T. KarnesLambda Chi Alpha 
NIC Gold Medalist1970 J. Dwight PetersonSigma Chi 
NIC Gold Medalist1970 Stewart D. DanielsAlpha Tau Omega 
NIC Gold Medalist1971 Earl D. RhodesTheta Chi 
NIC Gold Medalist1971 Joe WaggonnerJr. Kappa Sigma 
NIC Gold Medalist1972 Robert W. KrovitzAlpha Epsilon Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1972 Zeke L. LoflinTheta Xi 
NIC Gold Medalist1975 Tozier BrownLambda Chi Alpha 
NIC Gold Medalist1976 John D. MillerPhi Delta Theta 
NIC Gold Medalist1977 Richard R. FletcherSigma Nu 
NIC Gold Medalist1978 George S. TollAlpha Epsilon Pi 
NIC Gold Medalist1979 George F. Patterson Jr.Acacia 
NIC Gold Medalist1979 Ralph D. DanielPhi Kappa Psi 
NIC Gold Medalist2015 Darold W. LarsonAcacia Fraternity
NIC Gold Medalist2015 Howard C. PickettSigma Nu
NIC Gold Medalist2015 Norval B. StephensDelta Tau Delta
NIC Silver Medalist1980Carroll K. SimonsPhi Kappa Sigma
NIC Silver Medalist1980Hugh D. Scott, Jr.Alpha Chi Rho
NIC Silver Medalist1980Marsh WhiteDelta Chi
NIC Silver Medalist1981John J. RhodesBeta Theta Pi
NIC Silver Medalist1982James H. McLaughlinZeta Psi
NIC Silver Medalist1982Robert H ShafferSigma Chi
NIC Silver Medalist1984Fred L. DixonPhi Gamma Delta
NIC Silver Medalist1985George H. W. BushDelta Kappa Epsilon
NIC Silver Medalist1985James S BradySigma Chi
NIC Silver Medalist1985John W. GalbreathDelta Tau Delta
NIC Silver Medalist1986Dr. John W. RyanKappa Sigma
NIC Silver Medalist1987Ellison S. OnizukaTriangle
NIC Silver Medalist1987Samuel H. ShapiroAlpha Epsilon Pi
NIC Silver Medalist1989Edward M. KingSigma Chi
NIC Silver Medalist1989Eileen C. StevensAlpha Phi
NIC Silver Medalist1990Edward A. PeasePi Kappa Alpha
NIC Silver Medalist1992Beth SaulAlpha Epsilon Phi
NIC Silver Medalist1992Charles N. White, Jr.Sigma Phi Epsilon
NIC Silver Medalist1992Dr. Ronald J. TaylorZeta Beta Tau
NIC Silver Medalist1992James E. Greer. Jr.Zeta Beta Tau
NIC Silver Medalist1993Mike PosnickSigma Alpha Mu
NIC Silver Medalist1993Tom W. DevineSigma Alpha Epsilon
NIC Silver Medalist1993Wayne S. ColvinSigma Phi Epsilon
NIC Silver Medalist1994Jeff LinkenbachHealth Promotion Dept., Montana State University
NIC Silver Medalist1994Robert F. ManleyManley, Burke & Fisher
NIC Silver Medalist1995Jeffrey W. ShuckSigma Chi
NIC Silver Medalist1996David L. WestolTheta Chi
NIC Silver Medalist1996William N. LaForgePi Kappa Alpha
NIC Silver Medalist1997Joel GoldmanSigma Alpha Mu
NIC Silver Medalist1997Richard N. McKaigDelta Chi
NIC Silver Medalist1997T.J. SullivanPi Kappa Phi
NIC Silver Medalist1998Barbara B. HollmannPhi Mu
NIC Silver Medalist1999John HortonPhi Gamma Delta
NIC Silver Medalist1999Nancy LeonardAlpha Chi Omega
NIC Silver Medalist2000Michael GordonKappa Alpha Psi
NIC Silver Medalist2000Robert L. LivingstonDelta Kappa Epsilon
NIC Silver Medalist2001Elizabeth DoleDelta Delta Delta
NIC Silver Medalist2001Richard LugarBeta Theta Pi
NIC Silver Medalist2001Robert DoleKappa Sigma
NIC Silver Medalist2002Don MillsTexas Christian University
NIC Silver Medalist2002James J. CareyZeta Psi
NIC Silver Medalist2002Kevin O’NeillLambda Chi Alpha
NIC Silver Medalist2004Allan JohnsonAlpha Gamma Rho
NIC Silver Medalist2006Wynn SmileyAlpha Tau Omega
NIC Silver Medalist2007Pete SessionsPi Kappa Alpha
NIC Silver Medalist2007Stephanie Tubbs JonesDelta Sigma Theta
NIC Silver Medalist2008Kent GardnerKappa Alpha Order
NIC Silver Medalist2009Mark V. AndersonSigma Chi
NIC Silver Medalist2009Mike LongSigma Nu
NIC Silver Medalist2011Daniel ShaverSigma Chi
NIC Silver Medalist2013Kim NovakDelta Gamma
NIC Silver Medalist2014Lori HartAlpha Omicron Pi
NIC Silver Medalist2014Victor FeltsSigma Chi
NIC Silver Medalist2015Arthur J. Hurt, IIISigma Phi Epsilon
NIC Silver Medalist2015James B. "Jim" Ewbank, IIPhi Delta Theta
NIC Silver Medalist2015John W. HartmanSigma Phi Epsilon
NIC Silver Medalist2017Jean MrasekChi Omega
NIC Silver Medalist2017Mari Ann CallaisTheta Phi Alpha
NIC Silver Medalist2017Greg SingletonKappa Alpha Order
NIC Silver Medalist2017Bonnie WunschAlpha Epsilon Phi
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