Laurel Wreath Awards

The Laurel Wreath is presented to individuals or groups in recognition of their unique programs, community outreach, or influence within the fraternal world. Click here to nominate an individual or group for a 2016-2017 Laurel Wreath Award.

The 2016 Laurel Wreath Award recipients are:

Alpha Sigma Phi

Toastmasters’ Lite
Offered first in 2015 at Alpha Sigma Phi’s Elevate and Grand Chapter events, Toastmasters’ Lite proved so successful it will be presented in 2016 and in the future. This unique personal development program seeks “to provide undergraduate brothers with the opportunity to learn and practice public speaking skills as well as increase their confidence.” The culminating activity of the educational track is its hallmark. Brothers are separated into teams to create an inspiring presentation on a topic of their choosing to share with the group. When asked about the experience, one attendee stated, “We brainstormed as a group. We developed stories to tell. We strategized and created a speech… At the end, we [supported] our speaker and he nailed it!”

Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Order, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Nu

Social Strengths Workshop
Six fraternities collaborated to spearhead the development of the Social Strengths Workshop to educate members on sexual assault, relational violence, healthy relations and bystander intervention. Working with Aaron Boe of Prevention Culture, the groups sought to address these important issues on college campuses by creating a student program with additional training materials for alumni. Each organization worked with Boe to tailor the curriculum and implementation strategy to its specific audience. In addition to the in-person workshop, organizations distributed an e-book, held live or recorded webinars, and presented the content in a keynote format at regional or national programs. Click here for more information about the collaboration and program.

Theta Chi

Sacred Purpose
Sacred Purpose, a title derived from Theta Chi’s Creed, is the fraternity’s new health and safety initiative. Theta Chi sought to create an initiative that is “more than a program and goes far deeper than risk management.” In their words, “The Sacred Purpose movement is dedicated to educating and deploying a new force of innovative leaders who want to address the challenging national and local problems that face our Fraternity and our brothers.” This initiative deployed new collegiate officer and staff positions to focus on health and safety, encouraging the wellbeing of members and implementing programming. In its first year, chapters hosted 444 guest speakers on topics including alcohol and drug abuse prevention, mental health, sexual assault prevention, life safety, exercise and nutrition. More than half of those programs were offered to the entire campus community. Click here for an in-depth look at the Sacred Purpose.

Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Tau in conjunction with the Anti-Defamation League

Words to Action
To lead the fight against anti-Semitism on college campuses, these organizations collaborated to develop a program that helps men and women stop hatred, bigotry and discrimination. Led by ADL representatives, the Words to Action program includes anti-Semitism awareness education, interactive discussion with students sharing their own examples of hate culture, and an in-depth look at the history behind stereotypes and connections to modern day. The goal is for students and chapters to take action that will support personal freedoms and equality for all. One student said, “I thought this program was fun, interactive and a great learning experience because they taught us a new perspective on anti-Semitism that we may have never heard of.” Read more about the program here.