Council award of distinction

The Council Award of Distinction recognizes Interfraternity Councils (IFCs) that excel in operations and positively impact their member chapters, the fraternity/sorority community and host institutions.

2018 honoree

University of Alabama Interfraternity Council

The University of Alabama Interfraternity Council (IFC) officers have demonstrated leadership and dedication throughout the past year, as they worked with the other fraternity and sorority councils to maintain a campus environment conducive to the success of chapters, as well as making a positive impact on the safety and wellbeing of fraternity and sorority members. The IFC has proactively worked with leadership of inter/national headquarters and the NIC to help improve the community.

In the fall of 2017, the IFC recognized a need in the community to create more resources and support for students with mental health issues. In the past year, the IFC assisted in establishing and significantly contributing to the RESPECT (Reaching Every Student Possible Ensuring Care and Treatment) Endowed Support Fund. Earnings from this fund support campus programs and organizations that promote student health and well-being. More recently, the IFC has focused its efforts on increasing the safety and security of all UA students as a top priority. Two noteworthy initiatives are the IFC New Member Education Summit and an inaugural barbeque with the UA Police Department and Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue. These initiatives have been paramount in the risk reduction conversation and has increased collaboration between the fraternity community, local law enforcement and first responders.

award criteria & nomination form

A potential Council Award of Distinction recipient is:

      • A council that operates in full compliance with NIC Standards and works to maintain a campus environment that is conducive to the success of member chapters.
      • Making a measurable impact on the wellbeing of its officers, member chapters, community and campus.

To be considered, nominations must include:

        • Application
        • Institution endorsement
        • Supporting documentation

2017 Council award of distinction recipients

purdue university IFC

Current and past IFC officers at Purdue University describe this council as being on the front lines of improving the fraternal experience. “My [first] IFC position earned me a front row seat to a fight that IFC was waging to pass legislation banning hard alcohol from chapter properties on our campus,” one student nominator wrote. “Seeing the passion and drive of the elder leaders around me advocating for something that most college students would sneer at was genuinely inspiring.”

Focused on prevention, health and safety in their community, IFC created the Safety and Risk Management Authority (SARMA). While charged with monitoring current conditions of fraternity and sorority functions at the university, SARMA also aims to initiate a culture shift in alcohol consumption. “We know that guests will still want to consume hard alcohol and that true change cannot be legislated. The IFC executive board has created an action plan to generate a culture change in our community.”

SARMA also places a large emphasis on education, educating students about safe consumption and how to respond in crisis scenarios, which has contributed to a sharp reduction in incidents at fraternity functions. Governance is also on the rise within the Purdue fraternity community thanks to a fair and consistent Fraternal Judicial Board (FJB). The FJB consists of fraternity men who have gone through an interview process and Purdue University standards training.

“Self-governance for a community of 42 fraternities and 3,000 men is something that takes significant orchestration and the process has operated at a very high level for three or four years now,” one student nominator wrote. “To see an organization so committed to actual safety instead of policy and appearance is refreshing. I am proud to be part of such a forward-thinking community.”


“The 2017 IFC Executive Board has set a new tone for IFC and the fraternity community since the day they stepped into office,” their nominator said. They are taking their role as a resource for and representative of the fraternal experience seriously. Throughout the past year, the officers have redefined the position of the IFC on campus, including advancing greater training for IFC delegates, working with the university to rebrand in alignment with a school-wide rebranding effort, creating a parents’ guide to fraternity and sorority life, and developing a new partnership with athletics.

Most notably, the team trained and utilized its Judicial Board more effectively, advocating to the Dean of Students that IFC hear most cases of fraternity violations. This peer governance has led to several successfully adjudicated cases managed in a professional, unbiased and responsible manner that lends to greater transparency and accountability in the community.

“All of this intentional and difficult work has demonstrated to the community and Quinnipiac administration what the purpose of IFC is—to support, advocate for and hold accountable their member organizations,” said their nominator.

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