NIC Awards of distinction & Recognition

The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) annually recognizes excellence in the fraternal experience by conferring Awards of Distinction to individuals and groups who exemplify leadership, service and fraternal values. The award categories recognize outstanding undergraduate fraternity men, chapters, councils and advisors. The Gold and Silver Medals recognize interfraternal industry leaders and partners with our highest honors, and the Laurel Wreath Award recognizes outstanding interfraternal educational programs by both individuals and groups. 

These honors play a significant role in advancement of the NIC mission and vision, as well as the industry as a whole. Recognizing the value and impact of individual and group efforts on college/university campuses and within interfraternal organizations conveys the importance of innovation, courage and commitment to a positive fraternal experience. 

The nomination process is open to any interfraternal organization or related group/partner interested in nominating a qualified candidate for recognition. Award recipients are announced in May and awards are presented by NIC representatives throughout the following summer and fall in the recipient’s local community. These presentations take place during public ceremonies on campuses or at interfraternal events and programs like a convention or other interfraternal gathering to give recognition among peers, friends and families.

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Awards of Distinction

The Awards of Distinction recognize an Undergraduate, Chapter or Council for excellence in leadership and service and embodying the values and standards of fraternity and the NIC. Nominees are true exemplars of the fraternal experience.

The Advisor Award of Distinction, honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to guiding and mentoring a chapter, council or community.

We will honor recipients at personalized, public ceremonies on their campuses or at inter/fraternal events and programs.

Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Laurel Wreath Award

One of the industry’s most revered traditions is the presentation of the NIC Medals and Laurel Wreath awards to worthy recipients.

The Gold Medal recognizes lifelong service to the interfraternal community and/or the NIC and is the highest honor that the Conference can bestow.

The Silver Medal recognizes exemplary service or leadership in a role or task that has advanced the fraternal movement.

The Laurel Wreath is presented to individuals or groups in recognition of their unique programs, community outreach, or influence within the fraternal world. Recipients do not need to be members of the NIC.

We will honor recipients at personalized, public ceremonies on their campuses or at inter/fraternal events and programs.