The goal of IMPACT is to enable positive change within a fraternity/sorority community.

About Impact

Most college students know the “right thing to do” to advance fraternity. Yet, they lack courage and motivation to carry out those actions. Students need like-minded students to band together to make change.

IMPACT can bring your fraternity and sorority community together to create these deep relationships quickly. Participants will collectively identify and confront the issues in the community.

IMPACT is a campus-based leadership institute designed to foster improved relationships among campus leaders through an intensive, interactive 2.5-day program. It is expected that change will be the result of an IMPACT weekend. Participants determine what that change is through their participation.

The IMPACT curriculum emphasizes:

  • problem solving
  • leadership development
  • values-based decision making
  • effective communication
  • community development

The Impact of Impact

After attending UIFI and feeling alone about making change and thinking no one cared about the future, I now see 70 people who hope for a stronger community like I do. I got to meet more people on my campus that I might never have talked to if not for IMPACT.
I loved the people I met and the connections I’ve made at IMPACT. I’ve learned more at IMPACT than in the three years I’ve been Greek.
The ritual discussion this weekend was very important. It is easy not to think about ritual. IMPACT forced it back into the forefront.
I gained leadership skills here at IMPACT that I will use not only with my chapter while I’m at school, but in life as well. This weekend, we identified what we want to change, created a list of things to do, and agreed on how to do them. I hope that this has hit others like it did me.

Impact UT 2

Program Structure

IMPACT is designed to build on itself in a manner that culminates in an agenda for meaningful community elevation. Through increased self-awareness, community awareness, visioning, and skill development, participants will be able to recognize the current realities of their fraternity/sorority community and begin to develop effective strategies for positive change.

The general structure of an IMPACT includes experiential activities, interactive presentations, and both large- and small-group sessions that flow together into a unified, community building experience.

All sessions offer hands-on experimental activities and ample discussion time to address individual concerns. The sessions are led by two experienced presenters (identified by the NIC) and several small-group facilitators (identified by the host campus).

The program can be used to meet a variety of needs, such as a retreat for chapter and council leadership or an emerging leaders institute. The NIC will work with you to customize the program to focus on your campus’ unique issues.

Host the Program

NIC staff will work with you to host IMPACT for your campus community. Contact Alexis to learn more about IMPACT and begin planning your program!

IMPACT Is Right for Your Community

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, IMPACT is a program that could positively influence your fraternity and sorority community.

  • Are members waiting for the university/headquarters to hold chapters accountable for actions that don’t live up to fraternity/sorority values and expectations (hazing, misogyny, substance abuse, sexual assault, etc.)?
  • Do leaders lack the support system necessary to do the right thing and make big change?
  • Do members/chapters work in isolation—not collaborating with those from other councils to positively impact the community?
  • Are chapter leaders unwilling to admit their weaknesses or share ideas with each other?
  • Is the fraternity/sorority community cliquish?
  • Do chapters take competition to an unhealthy level?
  • Is, ‘We’ve always done it this way?’ a common expression?