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NIC Condemns Harvard Policy Shift

CONTACT: Heather Kirk, Chief Communication Officer Statement from NIC President & CEO, Judson Horras INDIANAPOLIS, March 29, 2017—While fraternities focus on improving campus culture and strengthening higher education partnerships, Harvard’s decision to allow only women’s groups to continue operating as single-gender organizations affirms why we must also aggressively defend students’ rights. Harvard’s original policy trampled students’ association rights, and it now also serves as a blatant form of gender discrimination, which must be vigorously challenged. We strongly urge Harvard to reconsider their decision and accept our repeated offers to collaborate on solutions that create greater inclusivity, improve campus culture...

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Good afternoon, A lot of you, our campus partners, have asked for “the NIC’s position on system-wide actions” since several communities have recently resorted to various forms of blanket actions. First and foremost–we agree student safety must be our top priority. We also agree we need to hold students accountable for not meeting our shared expectations. As we talk about advancing communities, I think it’s important for everyone to understand the fundamental assumptions that guided the development of the NIC’s Vision for Fraternity Communities: There is no silver bullet: If there was one solution to fix negative aspects of campus cultures, it would have been done by now. Complex problems require multiple strategies working in coordination over a sustained period to foster dramatic change. Collaboration fosters commitment: A top-down strategy of issuing a bunch of new policies without buy-in isn’t going to move the needle. Engaging stakeholders in solutions that impact their lives fosters the commitment required for authentic change. Global strategy, local tactics: Each campus requires customized solutions that align with the industry’s direction and its unique environment. One block at a time: Campus cultural change will not happen overnight. Each campus needs an intentional, phased approach that moves its local culture in a positive direction.   So, here is why the NIC opposes blanket community actions: It disincentivizes following the rules and taking care of each other, since responsible students are...

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NIC Meeting of Members

Thank you for joining us in Indianapolis! NIC Annual Meeting of Members The NIC Annual Meeting of Members is the yearly gathering of NIC member organizations to conduct the business of the conference. Our time together during the 2017 Annual Meeting on Aug. 28-30 fostered stronger interfraternal relationships, provided opportunities for collaboration and advanced the Vision for Fraternity Communities and priorities of NIC 2.0.  To provide maximum value for member fraternities, the Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation’s (NICF) THE Foundations Seminar for the first time, creating the Dual Program Experience for fraternal professionals. Fraternity and foundation staff and volunteers, as well as NIC and NICF Alliance Partners, attended both conferences in one trip to Indianapolis, saving organizational resources while delivering greater benefit for each attendee.  Save the Date for the next NIC Annual Meeting: Aug. 27-29, 2018Registration will open in spring 2018 REGISTER NOW Registration Options Dual-program experience: $499, allows you to attend all programs, events and meals Aug. 28-30 for BOTH the NIC Annual Meeting of Members and the NICF THE Foundations Seminar. NIC Meeting-only rate: $299, allows you to attend the NIC Annual Meeting, which begins August 28 at 9 a.m. and concludes August 29 at 1:30 p.m. Includes the Meeting of Members (business meeting), lunch on Monday, breakfast and lunch on Tuesday, and 6 hours of educational programming. FGA Rate...

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‘Change Leader’ Blaine Ayers to Join NIC Team

Indianapolis, January 10, 2017—After five years as Sigma Alpha Epsilon Executive Director—during which he led the fraternity’s evolution in critical areas—Blaine Ayers will join the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) staff in the role of Vice President of Campus Operations – Southeast. “Blaine has been a change leader for Sigma Alpha Epsilon,” said NIC President & CEO Judson Horras. “His skills, experience, and approach with students and alumni makes him the perfect person to support campuses in the Southeast.” Under his direction, Sigma Alpha Epsilon implemented the True Gentleman Experience, shifting from pledge education to a holistic member development program....

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Veronica Moore to Join NIC as Director of Emerging & Culturally-Based Fraternal Initiatives

Indianapolis, December 12, 2016—Exhibiting strong commitment to emerging and culturally-based fraternities, the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) welcomes Veronica Moore to its team. As the Director of Emerging & Culturally-Based Fraternal Initiatives, Moore will develop educational programs for these NIC groups, as well as focus on their advocacy within higher education. She will advance collaboration, resources and services to support the continued growth and development of organizations in the Fraternity Growth Accelerator, an initiative established in the historic NIC 2.0 reforms. Moore is joining the staff after completing her term as President of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors earlier this...

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