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ManU: CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshop

ManU: CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshop Facilitator: Kevin Carey Presenting Partner: CAMPUSPEAK Program Description: Fraternity men often need to reevaluate what it means to be a man and make impactful and intentional choices to enhance their membership experiences. ManU, does not simply define masculinities, but rather, give individual fraternity men the ability and confidence to develop authentic versions of their identity. Members will connect their individualized constructions and performances of masculinities to their values, ritual and the organizational and chapter culture. Goals: As a result of attending this program, students will learn: How to examine the needs-based assessment tool for key areas of conversation and programming within their community and organization. How to define key characteristics of their individualized masculinities and gender identities. How to practice applying their constructions and performances of masculinities to scenarios relating to their self-identified fraternity experiences. How to create and action plan and ideas to facilitate chapter peer-to-peer intergroup dialogues in their organization. Facilitator Bio: Kevin Carey currently serves as the Associate Director of Student Involvement at Whittenberg University, where he serves student organizations, including fraternities and sororities. He has also taught a seminar class focused on men and masculinities. He serves Sigma Pi Fraternity as the Illiana Province Archon and is on the Board of Directors for the Illinois 4-H Foundation. Kevin is the lead facilitator of this Interactive Workshop, but other CAMPUSPEAK facilitators may also...

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SPEAKUP: CAMPUSPEAK Online Education Presenting Partner: CAMPUSPEAK Program Description: SPEAKUP is an online educational training program that uses real stories, told by survivors of sexual violence, to help students understand the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, bystander intervention and support. By partnering with speakers and educators in these fields, SPEAKUP consists of meaningful content that inspires students to take an active role in sexual assault prevention. SPEAKUP is the perfect online supplement to existing institutional efforts to create a safer campus environment. Presenter Bio: SPEAKUP contributors include: Rachel DeAlto, Mike Dilbeck, Lyna Nguyen, Tim Mousseau and Suzette Walden Cole. SPEAKUP is a video-based online learning experience. More information: Download a one-pager about this program. Booking Information: Contact CAMPUSPEAK at (844) 745-8570 or

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Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar Presenter: Jennifer Cassetta Presenting Partner: CAMPUSPEAK Program Description: Sexual assault prevention is one of the most important topics on college campuses today. College-aged women are four times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault than any other time in their lives and one in six men will experience unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before age 18. In Hear Me Roar, Jennifer tackles sexual assault prevention with an empowering blend of statistics, stories, personal safety and self-defense tips to stand up and fight back. Goals: As a result of attending this program, students will learn: Important and practical information about date rape, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault prevention on college campuses and in the greater community. How to remain aware of their surroundings, maintain appropriate boundaries from others, and communicate effectively in situations where an assault may occur. Self-defense moves and techniques that can help stop assaults and safe lives. Presenter Bio: Jennifer Cassetta was 23 years old when she swung her first sword in HapKiDo class in NYC. For the first time in her life she felt strong and safe and she wanted to share that feeling with every woman. Today she is a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and third-degree black belt. Jennifer received her nutrition training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in clinical nutrition at the University of...

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Programming Catalog for Diamond-Level Campuses

Expert-led programs to address cultivate fraternity men and address alcohol abuse PROGRAMMING CATALOG for Diamond-Level Campuses To achieve the Vision for Fraternity Communities (VFC)—Engendering Trust and Confidence in the Fraternity Experience, the NIC has partnered with content experts to provide programming and interventions in key areas. Research shows the need and benefit of focusing programming on these critical topics to cultivate fraternity men and address alcohol abuse. Rites of Passage Programming— “Joining a fraternity is often a charged and confusing life stage, not only for the new members, but also for those who live and work with them,” as one of the NIC’s programming partners puts it. The NIC has partnered with experts to help men explore positive, meaningful rites of passage in their fraternity experience. Sexual Misconduct Prevention Programming— The NIC has partnered with renowned experts on sexual health, sexual misconduct, and bystander intervention to provide resources to help fraternity men and their campus peers be leaders in eliminating sexual assault. Bystander Intervention Programming— Helping students feel and be prepared to intervene when injustice or assault is happening is critical for creating safer and healthier communities. The NIC has partnered with experts in bystander intervention to provide programs for fraternity and sorority members. Social Norming Interventions— The NIC’s Campus Support Model includes services designed to assess social norms, debunk local myths and misperceptions, and establish campus-specific strategies to tackle unhealthy behaviors. Click through the catalog below...

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Retaking Our Story: Reframing Sexual Assault Conversation

Retaking Our Story: Reframing Sexual Assault Conversation Presenter: Tim Mousseau Presenting Partner: CAMPUSPEAK Program Description: In Retaking Our Story, Tim leads a deep and vulnerable conversation on the difficult topic of sexual assault, drawing from his own experience and interactions with others. Tim helps communities understand the background information needed to facilitate healthy conversations on sexual assault, resources for survivor recovery and how the power of stories can be utilized in prevention. Students leave prepared to create a culture of compassion, while realistically facing an issue prevalent on campuses across the country. Goals: As a result of attending this program, students will learn: How to recognize the emotional, physical, and psychological impacts of sexual assault. The difference between cultures of shame and cultures of acceptance when creating safe environments for conversation about sexual assault. How to empower a supportive campus culture, focused on reducing sexual assault, promoting healthy prevention and effective use of resources. How to define the different terms and actions involved with sexual assault, how these can impact an individual and how to be prepared to address these issues within their community. Presenter Bio: Tim received his master’s degree in organizational leadership from Gonzaga in 2013. In the past few years, he has spent his time researching how innovation relates to leadership and the need for service in creativity. In the past, he has worked for his fraternity,...

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