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Student Coordinators bring skills and experience to UIFI

The 2017 Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) is underway! Session 1 began on May 13 and Session 2 kicks off on May 17, with nine more sessions throughout the summer months. We wouldn’t be able to make this program happen without the support of a special group of collegiate fraternity and sorority members—our Student Coordinators! Student Coordinators for UIFI 2017 were selected from a pool of more than 130 applicants and are all graduates of UIFI. They were chosen based upon their leadership experiences as well as their ability to inspire and create lasting change in their own chapters and...

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The Uncomfortable Truth

Like so many, as I read the horrific details about the events surrounding Timothy Piazza’s death, I found myself completely shaken. As a father, I struggle to imagine how Tim’s parents must feel, especially since their loss was senseless and preventable. As an alumnus of Beta Theta Pi, I’m embarrassed and angry. In my role as President and CEO of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, people are asking me, “How do we fix Penn State’s fraternity culture?” The reality is that substance abuse and hazing are not isolated to Penn State, and they are not isolated to fraternities. Research shows...

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Action Center

Take action on issues that impact fraternities and sororities Take Action Share your voice on issues that impact fraternities and sororities by contacting your representatives and senators. Click below on our current advocacy campaign below to take action on an important issue at this critical time! With tax legislation on the horizon, we are seeking your help to make a strong push for the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act’s inclusion. CHIA (H.R. 1200/S. 736) would fix a discrepancy in the tax code that prevents not-for-profit entities from being able to use tax-deductible charitable contributions to build, maintain and improve student housing. The best way to get CHIA included in comprehensive tax reform — and the best way to move it forward for passage — is to encourage lawmakers through grassroots efforts. Learn More About the NIC’s Government Relations Efforts 5 Legislative Priorities Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act CHIA Grassroots Campaign Benefits of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act Improve College Affordability With room and board costs outweighing tuition costs at most public colleges and universities, not-for-profit housing offers students an affordable alternative. CHIA is one of the most cost-effective solutions to the college affordability crisis.     Treat Everyone the Same CHIA would simplify the tax code and provide parity, creating the potential for all students living in not-for-profit housing to benefit from charitable giving to improve that housing.   Provide Safer...

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Programming Partners

Everything centers on the aspiration to engender "Trust and Confidence in the Fraternity Experience." Programming Partners To achieve the Vision for Fraternity Communities (VFC)—Engendering Trust and Confidence in the Fraternity Experience, the NIC has partnered with content experts to provide programming and interventions in key areas. Research shows the need and benefit of focusing programming on these critical topics to cultivate fraternity men and address alcohol abuse. Men’s Development Programming— The NIC has partnered with experts in men’s development to provide programming on manhood and healthy masculinity. Rites of Passage Programming— “Joining a fraternity is often a charged and confusing life stage, not only for the new members, but also for those who live and work with them,” as one of the NIC’s programming partners puts it. The NIC has partnered with experts to help men explore positive, meaningful rites of passage in their fraternity experience. Sexual Misconduct Prevention Programming— The NIC has partnered with renowned experts on sexual health, sexual misconduct, and bystander intervention to provide resources to help fraternity men and their campus peers be leaders in eliminating sexual assault. Bystander Intervention Programming— Helping students feel and be prepared to intervene when injustice or assault is happening is critical for creating safer and healthier communities. The NIC has partnered with experts in bystander intervention to provide programs for fraternity and sorority members. Social Norming Interventions— The NIC’s Campus Support Model includes services designed to assess social...

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A jumping-off point for fraternity and sorority leaders About LAUNCH It’s not difficult to focus on challenges we face, but what if instead of getting down on issues we identify, we turned our perspectives to the positive? LAUNCH does just that. It’s intended to explore the best of the fraternity and sorority experience and transform it into dynamic solutions to community challenges. LAUNCH is a one-day retreat supporting fraternity and sorority campus leaders. Through this engaging, participant-driven experience, chapter presidents and council officers will build relationships, explore individual and shared issues, and set goals to address them. The goal of the program is to bring fraternity and sorority leaders together to kick off the officer term together positively. The Launch curriculum emphasizes: Establishing community expectations Building relationships Identifying issues Problem solving Community planning   Hosting the Program NIC staff will work with you to host Launch for your campus community. Contact Alexis to learn more about Launch and begin planning your program! Program Structure LAUNCH is designed to bring together fraternity and sorority chapter presidents and council leaders as they kick off their officer terms together. The curriculum allows for guided conversation driven by participant perspectives, culminating in identification of goals for the term and beyond. The general structure of the program includes a collective experience (all in one large-group setting) with individual reflection and small-group conversations throughout. LAUNCH can be held in a single-day and...

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