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Benefits of National or International Fraternity Affiliation

The North-American Interfraternity Conference has 71 different national or international men's fraternities as part of its membership. Each member fraternity has its own rich heritage and traditions. Member fraternities range in size from approximately 12 chapters to over 200 chapters.

Each fraternity provides support and a variety of services to its individuals chapters regardless of the overall fraternity size. Volunteers and professional staff members work collaboratively to support each individual chapter.

Most NIC member fraternities regularly seek opportunities to expand their brotherhood to new campuses in the United States and Canada. In choosing to do so, each national fraternity examines its own set of criteria which typically include the following: number of living alumni in the immediate area of the campus; campus demographics; existing fraternities on campus; general membership trends for existing fraternities; number of men seeking national affiliation.

  • Being part of a larger brotherhood on college campuses in the United States and Canada.
  • Having access to services and support of national organization which include:
    • State, regional, and national leadership conference for undergraduates and alumni
    • Liability and/or property coverage
    • Officer manuals and other educational resources which strengthen chapter operations
    • Assistance in outreach and involvement of alumni advisors
    • Consultation services from fraternity staff and volunteers
    • Idea exchange with other chapters of the fraternity
    • Scholarships and other support from the fraternity's foundation
  • Chapters being governed by national policies and procedures regarding alcohol use, hazing, and other areas of risk management.
  • Having national membership education programs and initiation rituals.

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