A commitment to emerging and culturally-based fraternities

Fraternity Growth Accelerator

Lambda Theta PhiFirst established among the groundbreaking reforms of NIC 2.0, the Fraternity Growth Accelerator (FGA) will provide emerging fraternities with the platform to collaborate on necessary resources and services. This effort will support their continued growth and development within the North-American Interfraternity Conference and the fraternal movement.

At its Annual Meeting in April 2016, the Conference demonstrated its strong commitment to emerging and multicultural organizations by pledging to help FGA groups fund a staff position. Past AFA President Veronica Hunter Moore was hired as the Director of Emerging and Culturally-Based Fraternal Initiatives, and she focuses on the development of the FGA and resources for its groups. The FGA groups also selected Jarrod Cruz-Stipsits, the Executive Director of Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity, Inc., to serve as their representative on the NIC’s Governing Council.

The NIC will host an inaugural FGA Symposium to take place during the NIC Annual Meeting of Members in August 2017.

The FGA groups are currently finalizing their needs assessment, investment level and resource planning. We are excited to launch this collaborative endeavor, reinforcing that the NIC is the trade association for all fraternities.

Read the NIC resolutions that formed the FGA and solidified the NIC’s commitment to this group.

FGA Membership Criteria

Any interested NIC organization should meet a minimum of three of the following criteria to seek membership into the Fraternity Growth Accelerator:

  • Less than 20 chartered and active undergraduate chapters
  • Founded no more than 20 years prior to petition of membership to FGA
  • 5 or fewer full-time or equivalent employees (based on previous year’s 990 form)
  • Average undergraduate chapter size of less than 20 members over the previous five years
  • A culturally-based mission
  • Membership dues income is less than $125,000 or end of fiscal year financial surplus does not exceed $75,000 as reported on the previous year’s 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Current FGA Organizations

Alpha Delta Gamma
Alpha Phi Alpha
Beta Chi Theta
Beta Sigma Psi
Delta Lambda Phi
Iota Nu Delta
Iota Phi Theta
Kappa Alpha Psi
Kappa Alpha Society
Kappa Delta Phi
Lambda Sigma Upsilon

Lambda Theta Phi

Nu Alpha Kappa

Omega Delta Phi

Phi Beta Sigma

Phi Iota Alpha

Phi Lambda Chi

Phi Sigma Phi

Tau Delta Phi

Tau Epsilon Phi

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Additionally, since the NIC 2.0 reforms, we have focused on enhancing diversity and inclusion within the fraternity/sorority community by:

  • Hiring a director to oversee initiatives for emerging and culturally-based NIC fraternities.
  • Hosting an inaugural Summit for emerging and culturally-based NIC fraternities (in August 2017).
  • Implementing a track on diversity and inclusion at IFC Academy.
  • Adapting the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) program to include exploration of privilege and identity.
  • Funding UIFI scholarships for students from culturally-based and emerging NIC fraternities (FGA groups), as well as students with financial needs.
  • Updating programming curriculum to enhance inclusivity.
  • Providing cultural competence training for NIC program lead facilitators.
  • Establishing Transgender Inclusion Working Group to provide legal guidance and leading practices to the industry.